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first4commercial launches new You Tube channel

first4commercial launches new You Tube channel

This week we have launched our own You Tube channel. So far we have added two “An Introduction to:” videos to our channel and posted them on our website on the relevant pages. We hope that these “An Introduction to:” videos are a useful aid to our clients and introducers and will help explain the keys points for each product type we currently offer.

Keep an eye out as we will add new videos in the coming weeks.

The new videos are An Introduction to: Bridging Finance & An Introduction to: Commercial Mortgages, they can be found here: &

Bridging finance is an ever growing market alternative to traditional high street lenders. With the credit squeeze continuing and banks restricting their lending to ever increasing numbers, bridging finance fills the gap. With a common sense approach and flexible lending terms, bridging finance can solve a number of short term finance options.

You Tube is the 4th most visited site on the entire web with a staggering 22.25% of people using You Tube on a regular basis, it was with this in mind that these videos have been added as we want the largest possible audience for our videos to try and help as many people as we can understand the complexities of commercial finance.


For any enquiries please contact the team at or 01277 620083 if you need to any further information. Full details of our company and the products available are available on our website


FREE instant credit searches

FREE instant credit searches would like to recommend to all of our clients and introducers the following website:

With more and more lenders in the UK using credit scoring when underwriting mortgages and loans rather than just a credit search it is now even more important to keep control of your finances and keep your credit file in order.

By using this company you can access your own credit report instantly and for FREE for life. This company is backed by the third largest credit reference agency CallCredit with whom we have used previously so feel confident in our recommendation. The other two credit reference agencies, Experian & Equifax offer access to your credit reports but this is at a monthly cost of up to £15 per month in some cases. Noddle will send you a marketing email once a month with suggestions of credit products (credit cards, loans etc) that suit your credit profile and it is with these product offerings that they are able to provide the facility to customers for FREE. The other alternative to this would be a statuatory report which costs £2.00 and you can ask any of the three credit reference agencies for this either by post or on their websites.

At you can check your credit report for FREE today. We always recommend regular checks on your own credit report to keep on top of things and to make sure there aren’t any onnerous items listed.

Many of our clients have experienced fraudlent activity on their credit files which they were completely unaware of until it came to trying to source finance, by then it is too late as the adverse credit can be extremely difficult and time consuming to remove once registered.

Mr M decided to apply for a new BT business line and as part of the process was credit searched. In the previous 12 months someone had taken out two mobile phone contracts without his knowledge in London and never made a payment so he was left with two defaults on his credit file, blemishing an otherwise perfect credit file. After reporting this to the police to obtain a crime reference number and providing this to the phone company, only then were the credit iems removed.”

This is just one example of why keeping regular checks on your credit file is essential to keep your credit file healthy! Identity theft is a growing crime in the UK and by being more vigilant about your own credit search helps to spot any minor problems before they become a major problem.

We are always happy to help and assist clients when trying to understand their credit reports. We can offer help and advice on what to look out for and also the “do’s and dont’s” of trying to obtain credit, some things can have an adverse affect on your credit score without you even realising.

If you need any further help or advice please contact the team on 01277 620083 or email

FAST, INSTANT, FREE Credit searches.


Small bridging loans – No bridging loan too small

Small bridging loans – 2nd charge basis CCA regulated (Mr R Case Study – 18/05/2012)

Mr R wanted to raise a £10,000 2nd charge bridge to cover moving costs and initial deposit on rental property whilst waiting for his current property to sell. We managed to secure the finance he required over a 6 month period to allow the sale of the property which will repay the bridging loan.

Most bridging lenders have a minimum loan of circa £30-40k to “make it worth their while”, here at no loan is too big or small we process loans from £5k up to £50m+ and still provide the same great service.


Contact the team at or 01277 620083 if you need to discuss your new enquiry?



Commercial Bridging Finance

Commercial Bridging  Finance on a 2nd charge basis (Mr K Case Study – 15/05/2012)

Mr K required urgent funding within 7 days to be secured against his London based commercial investment property in order to repay a debt. He didn’t want to touch his first charge mortgage as the current rate was so low and he needed the finance ASAP. We managed to secure the Bridging Finance required in 5 days which gave the client extra breathing space before having to repay the outstanding debt. Our lender didn’t require a valuation of the property which saved time and their solicitors were instructed from day one to make sure the deadline was met.


Contact the team at or 01277 620083 if you need to discuss your new enquiry?





Sponsoring the Race Across America 2012

Race Across America 2012

Things are really hotting up with preparations for the Race Across America 2012.

Chris Armishaw, our rider has been busy this weekend competing in another bike race in the Lake District as part of his training. He managed the 145 mile race and achieved a top 30 finish despite the 20, 25 & 33% gradients.

The team are putting the final preparations together for their June departure with the Winnebago all booked and flights arranged. We will keep this blog updated with progress updates as the team gear up to the start of the race.

You can sponsor Chris and find more information here

Chris will be at the Colchester, Stanway Sainsburys store this Friday 18th & Saturday 19th May raising funds and he will be at the Chelmsford Springfield Sainsburys store the weekend after that too. Why not pop along to show your support?

 3,000 miles in 10 days across 12 states

300 miles a day burning up to 18,000 calories

5 hours sleep and on the saddle for 17+ hours a day to achieve the target distance

170,000 feet – Total climb across the course

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