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First 4 Commercial > Race Across America 2012 > The Race Across America starts today . . . We hope that in 10 days time we be the first to congratulate Chris on successfully completing the challenge of 3,000 miles across America in under the 12 days allowed, this is no mean feat. Chris and the support team have been helped greatly by several large sponsors ( being one of these) and without this he wouldn’t have been able to take on this great challenge. He will have to tread a fine line between sleep and cycling to achieve his goal as he will be in the saddle up to 18 hours a day. All the way along he will be supported by the Human Performance Unit from the University of Essex who will keep an eye on his calorie intake and nutrition along with all the necessary health checks along the route. Good luck Chris and see you at the finish line . . .

3,000 miles in 10 days across 12 states

300 miles a day burning up to 18,000 calories

5 hours sleep and on the saddle for 17+ hours a day to achieve the target distance

170,000 feet b Total climb across the course


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