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Non-status bridging loans

Non-status bridging loans from first4commercial.com

first4commercial have over 50+ lenders on our bridging panel and are able to offer a whole range of loan options to our clients. Our most common range of products are for those with a clean credit history and/or a low loan compared to the value of their property (LTV). Some clients do not fall into this category either due to adverse credit or lack of income proof and this is where first4commercial can help. We are able to offer clients very competitive rates of interest without the need for clean credit or proven income/track records. As long as the property has sufficient equity we should be able to secure a loan against it on a short term basis. Bridging loans can be used for a number of different scenarios, the most common is to allow the purchase of a new property whilst the client waits for their existing property to sell. This is not the only way in which bridging can be utilised and we have helped many clients over the years pay off HMRC tax bills, purchase properties abroad, complete urgent auction purchases and even settle a divorce whilst waiting for the property to sell.


first4commercial also have a unique advantage in that we have a sister company Central Mortgages (Essex) Ltd who are able to assist clients with any regulated bridging loans. These are loans that are secured by way of a first charge against a property you either live in or intend to live in. Due to our unique relationship clients received expert advice and guidance along with their renowned “Treating customers fairly” mantra.

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