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Common Bridging Finance Questions Applying for a mortgage is a slow moving process, subject to certain rules on property condition and forcing applicants through a lot of hoops. Opting for bridging finance on the other hand, can help you secure properties quickly, buy at auction, or invest in refurbishment or renovation work. However, most people have a lot of questions surrounding bridging finance, so webve put together a guide to three of the most common. Can I apply for bridging finance if I am over 65 and retired? Absolutely you can, yes, as long as you have assets to back your loan. Interest on bridging loans is higher, but these are short term loans designed to plug gaps in finance. So age is irrelevant, provided the applicant has sufficient assets to successfully exit the loan, normally within a year of borrowing. Can I apply for bridging finance to fund a deposit on my first property? Unfortunately, bridging finance is only for those with existing property to back the loan. A personal loan is a better option for funding a deposit if you do not currently own a home. Contact us to apply for unsecured personal loans up to B#25,000. I am not interested in property b I need finance to support my business. Can I use bridging finance? Yes, bridging finance is available to support businesses. We can offer asset finance for growing a business, invoice factoring finance for increasing cash flow, or leasing options for help with capital expenditure. For more help and useful information go to


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