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June 2015
Fashion and Beauty start-ups b skin and hair products had increased sales even in economic downturn. These businessb have a relatively low cash entry barrier and low set up costs. It is a scalable business and fits in well with women who want/need to work but are also looking after their families. Creative business b […]
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Correct preparation b creating and presenting a business plan that has strong financial forecasts and a coherent way forward is vital when approaching a funding source. This plan will be the show case document that proves whether or not a business is viable or not. Details to include b what your business model will look […]
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Reason One – You are Not Ready Think hard before you commit yourself financially because many new business ideas are based on current trends and by the time you have your funds in place, the next fad will already have come and gone. Reason Two – You Owe Too Much Money Already If your cash […]
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