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4 Top Tips for People Looking Into Buy-to let mortgages

For those looking for a sound investment opportunity, buy-to-let mortgages seem to tick all of the boxes. Although the popularity of this type of investment tailed off a little in recent times, it now seems to be back in fashion. Here, the first4commercial experts take a look at some of the best ways to enter into the buy-to-let arena, in today’s fairly buoyant housing marketplace.

Research is King

Before you even think about buying, ensure that you take some time to understand how buy-to-let mortgages actually work. There are quite a few differences between these and standard property loans. Look at the potential returns on a short and long term basis and pick the brains of those who have already entered into this investment field.

Location x 3

Just because that rather large house is dirt cheap doesn’t make it a great investment choice. You should thoroughly research the neighbourhood before taking the next steps. Look at how close the house will be to the shops, good schools and local transport options.

Money Matters

Write down exactly how much you can afford to invest, and remember that the rent will need to cover your outlays. Typically you should be renting out the place for around 125% of the mortgage amount.

Shop Around

There are plenty of lenders who specialise in buy-to-let mortgage deals, so don’t rush into the very first offer you receive. Talk to us at first4commercial – we can guide you through the buy-to-let mortgage maze.

By following these rules and using common sense, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy and profit from this ever popular form of property investment.


Sometimes Personal Loans are a Great Idea – and Here’s Why!

In an ideal world, we’d never need to borrow money from lenders because we’d have ample savings to buy whatever it is that we wanted. But in the real world, that just isn’t the case. The good news is that personal loans can often make great sense, and here we look at exactly why and when you should consider taking one out.

Wiping off credit card debt – You may think that replacing one debt with another is always a bad move, but you would be mistaken. By consolidating your credit card debt in one fell swoop you can enjoy a lower interest rate and more besides. Your credit file will look tidier, and you should find it easier to keep a track of your finances.

Student loans – Perhaps you are paying off your student loan and don’t like the interest rate that much? With a personal loan, quite often you can get a more attractive repayment rate. This could also allow you to pay off the original loan faster.

Buying something you want – Saving is all well and good, but if you can easily afford the repayment of a personal loan, why wait? Try to avoid taking out finance when making a large purchase, because the chances are that your personal loan will be cheaper and quicker to repay in the long run.

Credit score – It may seem a little odd, but if you are looking to improve your credit score, taking out a personal loan can boost it. They are seen as a more stable way of borrowing money when compared to credit cards and finance options.

So there you have it; personal loans have a lot to recommend them in the right circumstances, and quite often they can prove to be a very astute financial option. Talk to us at first4commercial if you need any further advice.

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