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What is a commercial introducer?

The term ‘commercial introducer’ is used to describe a professional who uses their connections to connect a friend or a client to a business who offers a variety of financial services.

They would usually benefit by receiving a finder’s fee of sorts and by making a mutually agreed connection for future introductions. This practice has become more common recently and isn’t limited to financial brokers or similar professionals.

Just imagine you have a client who is interested in speaking to a finance company but isn’t sure about who to contact. You could make the necessary introductions, and all 3 parties may be able to take something positive from this process.

Your client may be able to get answers to their questions sooner rather than later, and you will also be rewarded for your part in making the meeting happen. The finance company will have the opportunity to explain how their services are both recommended and advantageous, and could possibly gain a new customer.

You should be looking for transparency throughout the process and clear lines of contact at all times. The commission should be competitive and you should have 100% faith in the services that are on offer.

To find out more, it’s a good idea to speak to your chosen finance company and ask them about how they operate in this particular arena. At first4commercial we’re always happy to discuss the subject! No two finance companies will have exactly the same set of terms and conditions so it’s always best to get the facts from the outset.


How to choose a retail property

Choosing the best property for your retail business is certainly not a process to be taken lightly. In fact, we are talking about a make or break decision that needs to be thought about seriously before progressing. Here, the first4commercial team discuss the main bases that must be covered, if you are to have a chance of succeeding in this competitive business sector.

Location – Although seemingly obvious, you might be surprised to learn that plenty of retail businesses fail because of poor choices here. So, think about the customers that you wish to attract, and ask yourself how easy (and desirable) your store is going to be for them to access. You should also check for competition in the area and speak to the local authority to see if any restructuring plans are waiting in the wings.

Safety – You may have found an easy to access area, but if your customers do not feel safe there, you will soon be counting tumbleweeds!

Parking – Is there off street parking available and is it free? This is why the majority of the general public prefer to shop at a retail park or a supermarket, instead of using a bespoke retail store.

Renovations – You should look into the aesthetics of your proposed retail store and if there are too many changes required, you should probably look elsewhere instead of using your funds to make that facelift a reality.

By following these key suggestions you should be able to choose a retail property that adds serious value to your business.


3 Reasons why Bridging Loans are a Great Idea

Here at first4commercial, we are proud of the fact that we can offer an innovative and useful alternative to the high street lenders as far as loans are concerned. We are often praised for our straight talking approach, especially where our bridging loans are concerned. Here we discuss 3 typical scenarios where such a loan is a great idea.

Refurbishment Projects

Perhaps you have decided to upgrade some part of your home, and you do not have the time to wait for a decision from one of the larger lending organisations. Our bridging loans are perfect for such a scenario, as long as you can prove that you have an exit route to pay back the loan quickly.

Investment Properties

Purchasing an investment property is an excellent way to make a great return on your money. So if you need a bridging loan to make your bid a reality, speak to first4commercial for a quick decision. As long as you can show that you will make enough profit to pay the loan back, it is usually something that we will agree to in principle.

Completion Assistance

The completion process can be a stressful time, and that is where we can help. Our bridging loans can make the whole process a lot smoother for all parties concerned. This is especially the case where a discounted price is offered for swift completion when buying or selling your property – or properties. Speak to us today for a quick, no nonsense decision based on your individual circumstances.


Personal Loan Checklist

Taking out a personal loan is quite often the best way to deal with those expensive items that you’d rather not use your savings for. However, it is always a wise idea to tick a few boxes before making that application in the first place. Here we look at some of the requirements that should be met before you look at potential lenders.

Credit Score

Nowadays there are plenty of options for finding out what your credit score is right now. As well as the larger companies such as Experian, there are a myriad of newer names that can provide this valuable service for free. If your credit score is lower than average, you may well find that your options are limited.


Make sure that you can comfortably afford your monthly repayments before signing on the dotted line. You can find an income/expenditure template at plenty of places on the internet, and this will allow you to find out exactly how much disposable income is available after all of your bills have been paid. If you are stretching yourself with the repayment amount, you should consider borrowing a smaller amount, or perhaps increasing the repayment period.

The Best Deal

Here at first4commerical, we are confident that our rates and deals are competitive enough to convince you to consider us for your loan. When looking at potential lenders, always ask to see their interest rates and terms and conditions before even thinking about choosing them.

Personal loans can be incredibly helpful, as long as you bear in mind the points we have discussed in this article.


What are Peer-to-Peer Loans and How Can they Help Me?

If you are considering looking into a form of debt financing that doesn’t involve an intermediary or financial institution, peer-to-peer lending could be just what you need. This is also known as social lending, and is quite popular these days for a number of valid reasons.

As far as the lenders are concerned, the advantages of a peer-to-peer loan is the fact that the interest rate can be set outside the official limits. These are quite often more attractive than high interest savings accounts and other similar investment options.

For those with a poor credit history, a peer-to-peer loan offers the opportunity to borrow money, when it is nigh on impossible to do so through more traditional processes.

Although the repayment rate may be high, often it will be worthwhile as the loan can be repaid sooner rather than later. These loans can be arranged via an established trading provider, and are certainly worth considering when your options are limited. Insurance can be arranged to cater for issues such as cybercrime, fraud and borrower defaults that may arise.

Perhaps you have an opportunity to invest in a scheme that has potentially high returns? By looking into a peer-to-peer loan, you can access the investment amount swiftly, and with less red tape than a traditional lender would require.

This type of lending is available on a number of platforms and offers the opportunity for investors to create a varied portfolio when finance is required. Talk to us at first4commercial if you require further information.

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