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Tips to Secure Business Funding

Businesses require external funding in order to get off the ground, or to aid in its development over time. There is always a need for help from various sources in all aspects of a business, but there are ways in which you can improve your chances of securing that business funding that could make a real difference to your project.

Prepare Thoroughly – If you are looking to secure a loan, or the investment of an individual external investor be ensure you are fully prepared so as not to ‘scare off’ potential investment that could make a real difference to your business. Know your numbers and stats off by heart and be ready for any question, no matter how big or small.

Be Open to Advise – One thing investors like is honesty. Asking them for advice shows that you are willing to learn from other people and look for new approaches that could improve your business, and in turn their investment. It is a great way to see how your ideas fit in the wider business world, through people who have been there and done it.

Have Confidence – After all it is you that is the investment. It is you who has had the idea, the commitment and the confidence to turn a business thought into a fully-fledged business. An investment in your business is a sign of confidence in your ability to run the business and make it a success.

If you are looking for more information about how to secure business funding, either as a start-up business owner or a key figure in a business looking to develop into the next phase of its growth, first4commercial has the expertise to help. Please feel free to contact our helpful business funding specialists today.


Tips for Seeking a Personal Loan

There are often a variety of reasons that a person is seeking a personal loan. When making an application to a lender there are a few things that you should have in mind, aspects of your application and mind set that could make a difference to whether you are successful or not.

Understand your Limits – Prepare by knowing your credit score and history, and how this could have an impact on your application for a personal loan. Ensure you know your incomings and outgoings in detail, so you know how much you can afford to repay each month without putting yourself in further financial difficulty.

Don’t be Rushed – Some loan applications promise you an answer in seconds, others can take a few weeks depending on your situation and the processes of the lender in question. Be prepared to wait and ask questions about how long the application process will take. A loan needed yesterday will be taken on board in a negative way, possibly putting you in a worse position.

Understand the Options – Depending on your personal circumstances and ability to repay a loan, it is worth understanding a number of different personal loan options that are available to you. There are loans with short-term turnarounds, longer loans to be paid over time and even loans for those with bad credit. Take your time and choose wisely.

If you would like to find out more about personal loans please feel free to contact our specialist advisors who can give you guidance about the processes involved and what information you will need to apply for an unsecured personal loan.


Benefits of Key-man Insurance for Businesses

Key-man insurance is a life insurance policy that covers the key person or persons within a business. For small, or start-up, companies especially, the main benefit of this type of insurance is to cover the unexpected death of a founder or key worker. A death can have a dramatic impact on the development of a company, and sometimes its existence, with immediate instability regarding the daily running of a business and long-term confusion over

Key-man insurance can help protect from these circumstances as well as offering a number of other key benefits:

  • When a person running a business (or in charge of daily operations) passes away it can often cause disruption in terms of lines of business credit. Key-man insurance money will help guarantee loan repayments.
  • The financial stability of a company is vital to its longevity. Key-man insurance can keep company shares stable as the death of a key figure in a company is likely to have an impact. Without insurance money to fall back on this can be catastrophic.
  • For the key employee covered it can boost their morale and productivity as a result. They’ll feel a sense of how important they genuinely are to the development of the company as a whole.

There are a number of benefits to key-man insurance, protecting new and growing businesses from the negative impact related to the untimely death of an owner or key figure in a business. If you would like to find out more information about how first4commercial can help you protect your business with a variety of insurance options, contact us today.


5 Tips for Buy to Let Property Investment

With the housing market undergoing a little resurgence and mortgage rates at a low level, buy to let investments have started to increase. Low rates are an enticing prospect for those investors with enough funds to put down a deposit and those with an eye to the market rising again.

Here are some tips if you are looking to invest in a buy to let property:

  • Research the market thoroughly – understand the risks and the benefits of how your money will perform in this scenario
  • Choose your location wisely – it doesn’t have to be the cheapest area for value, or the most expensive to be an enticing place to live. There is a good balance
  • Understand your Financial Position – work out how much you can realistically spend on a deposit, and what you can expect from rent in each property/area you look at
  • Think like your perfect tenant – how would you want to live if you were renting your property? Put into action ways of being the best landlord to your desired target tenant
  • Concentrate on Rent – buy to let success stories can include a resale of big profit margins, but you should concentrate on your rental yield to build up savings over time

If you would like to find out more about financing for buy to let investments, please contact first4commercial today where a member of our friendly and experienced team can help you achieve your goals.

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