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The Benefits of Bad Debt Protection

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Clears New Customers b A bad debt protection service gives you the confidence to take on new customers, after we have checked them to ensure they are pre-approved as having good a good credit history. You need to be able to rely on customers paying on time, so as not to negatively affect your cashflow. Fast Resolution on Client Insolvency b Another aspect of bad debt protection is the service that helps clears matters up when a client become insolvent. We will look after the process on your behalf, dialoguing with the insolvency practitioner and ensuring we resolve the issue and get you your money as soon as possible. Expert Help at Every Stage b From brand new clients, to regular customers who are starting to pay later, or look like they may be at risk of suffering a financial problem, bad debt protection gives you that peace of mind with an expert at hand to offer advice and judgment. Webre keen to help you put together a plan to protect your business in the event of customers owing you money. To find out more about our bad debt protection services call First4Commercial today and webll be happy to discuss the finer points and set something up on your behalf to minimise your exposure to bad debts. We are here to help.]]>