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Who are Bridging Loans Good For?

There are many types of situation where finance is required fast. Sometimes you can lose out on a property, or be unable to refurbish your home because you just haven’t got the cash, or you’re waiting for a longer-term financial solution and it just isn’t quite ready. This can be frustrating, but bridging loans can make the difference and ensure you don’t miss out.

Property Developers – One of the most popular reasons for a bridging loan application is from those individuals who are trying to purchase a property in a short period of time. For property developers and those buying at auction this can be the crucial missing piece of the jigsaw to get a deal signed and sealed, whilst the paperwork for the mortgage is going through.

Prospective Buy-To-Let Landlords – If you already own a property you might be thinking about refurbishing it with a view to selling it on, or leasing it out to tenants. In many cases a bridging loan can provide the finances to do so.

Business Owners – Sometimes there will be bills to pay urgently and wages to pay on time, even though your cashflow isn’t quite there at the moment. A bridging loan can ease the worries for the short-term until your customers pay their bills.

First4Commercial are experts in the field of bridging loans. We understand why you need financial assistance and can help you achieve your goals with short-term help to bridge that gap. Contact our team to find out more information about how we can help.


Getting a Property Ready for Tenants

As the owner of a buy-to-let property there are many things that you have to take into consideration before the property becomes a home for your tenants. Bridging finance can be the source of cash that you need to get the place spick and span and ready for your new tenants.

Inside the Property – The internal living space has to be homely and right for your tenants. You’ll need to ensure that it is completely clean, decorated to a suitable standard, furnished correctly and amply, and that any problems of functionality with appliances or other parts of the house are fixed in advance. Some properties might require a substantial renovation or refurbishment before tenants come into the equation.

Property Exterior – It might seem that the exterior requires less attention than the interior but this isn’t always the case. Especially if you haven’t already got tenants lined up the outside of your property has to look enticing, with the number clear and any wooden aspects painted. A well maintained garden, if you have one, is also an important consideration. If there is a driveway or parking spot, ensure it is also well maintained.

First4Commercial is the right place to turn should you require a lump sum of money in the short-term to help get your buy-to-let property in order and ready to be leased to new tenants. Give our friendly team a call today and we’ll be happy to help give you the solution to your problems.


Bridging Finance for SMEs

In an, often, uncertain financial climate it can be difficult to acquire much needed funding as the owner of a small business. Looking for help to take your business to the next level, or requiring some financial aid to take those first baby steps as a company, is difficult.

With traditional High Street banking options not always viable, bridging finance providers are the only place you can realistically turn. For many business owners the biggest problem at the beginning is cashflow. At certain points for each business it can be difficult to balance being able to pay wages and bills, with income arriving later than planned. Bridging finance can help you alleviate these short-term problems, and weather little storms that can destroy businesses if left unattended.

In situations like this the need for an injection of capital in a timely manner is crucial, allowing you to stave off financial problems that could cause finality for your business, and give you breathing space, knowing that the next payday is soon approaching. Until you reach calmer waters as a strong company, bridging finance can provide those necessary moments of financial assistance.

If you’d like some assistance with your business, either as a start-up or as a small business looking to take the next step, First4Commercial has the expertise to help you. Give our exceptional team of bridging finance specialists a call today and we can help you take the next step in your business plan.


Bridging Loans for Refurbishment Projects

Whether you want to upgrade the facilities within your business premises or buy a new property that requires refurbishment, there are often a number of complex decisions to make and possible outcomes for the project as a whole.

Putting together finance is an important step in the foundation of the project, with a bridging loan ideal for a number of reasons should you be looking to redevelop a property you own.

Sometimes a property will be too appealing to let it pass you by. Business premises bought at auction, or a commercial property that has a lower value due to the necessity for potentially heavy investment in refurbishment can be attractive as a business owner, but what if you don’t have the funds right away? Bridging finance can give you that fresh start, providing you with short-term funding in a fast timeframe, before the larger mortgage agreement comes through.

In cases where a business requires larger refinancing to redevelop and refurbish an existing property, bridging loans are available as a way to start the project as soon as possible, as long as the larger and lengthier funding will be available within a set time. You can get the designers, architects and building contracts underway, safe in the knowledge that the investment is secure for your business to grow.

First4Commercial understands the complex nature of owning a business and the evolutionary steps that are necessary in its growth. At certain times you’ll outgrow your current set up and need to either upgrade, or move to bigger properties, often requiring refurbishment. In either case, our experts are here to help, providing bridging finance to help your next business step a smooth one.

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