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The Importance of Bridging Finance to Small Companies

There comes a time in the growth and development of any company where a fresh injection of cash is needed in order for it to take that next leap forward and flourish. This isn’t always possible through traditional lending means but bridging finance can provide that addition that can make a real difference to a company’s success.

For some companies there is a real necessity for brand new equipment to make the push into a new phase of development for both products and services that are sold to the public. Other times it might be required for an expansion of existing property to fit this equipment and/or new staff members, and at some stages of development there will be a need to move into bigger commercial premises.

Getting this right whilst balancing cashflow is crucial to the long-term success and stability of a company and bridging finance is the perfect option for those start-up and small businesses who need that extra cash now, with a view to being able to pay back in full at a later date, without it impacting on the ability to pay bills, suppliers and staff now!

Call First4Commercial today and a member of our team will be happy to talk through your existing situation, look at plans for growth and how best to help you achieve the purchasing of equipment, the expansion of office space or the purchasing of new business premises in order to help you realise your dream of being more than just a start-up company that has survived its first year. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.


Benefits of Taking Out a Small Bridging Loan

Sometimes you need a quick fix of cash to help get a project moving forward, to pay off some bills and consolidate your debts or for a variety of other reasons. There are a few benefits to taking out a small bridging loan.

A Fast Process – When compared to a mortgage or remortgage process, a bridging loan can be much quicker, with a smooth application process taking place in days in some cases. This can be vital depending on the reasons behind the bridging loan.

Flexible Repayment Options – A bridging loan can usually be paid back in repayment terms that suit you, as long as it doesn’t go over a 12-month period. There is also the choice of whether to draw on the loan in stages during an agreed period of time.

Secure Exit – As most bridging loans are taken out with a view to being able to pay off the loan in full due to the sale of a property or refinancing, it makes it an attractive and flexible proposition. This secure way of exiting a loan is much safer than other options.

First4Commercials understands how to help you get to where you need to be, with small bridging loans available for a variety of personal and commercial interests. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team call us today and we’ll be happy to talk through your specific requirements and put together some advice to suit you. We look forward to hearing from you.


Interest Only Mortgages on a Commercial Basis

When it comes to commercial mortgages we understand that there isn’t one option to suit everyone. Flexibility is key to us at First4Commercial and here we take a look at interest only mortgages for commercial interests.

Low Monthly Payments – When compared to the repayment option you are likely to be paying a lot less per month with an interest only mortgage. This allows you to put aside the amount required at the end of the agreement period.

Lump Incomes – For some business owners you know that you’ll be receiving a large lump sum of money through the closure of a deal or sale of a property. In these instances an interest only mortgage is the perfect option to help you pay off in full, faster, and cheaper than with a traditional repayment approach.

Flexible Payments – Unlike the traditional repayment option there is greater flexibility in terms of what you can pay back. This is great for businesses that might have fluctuating cashflow and can pay more back at certain periods of the year.

Property Developers – Interest only mortgages are perfect for those with property interests. It provides more upfront cash to go into renovation, rather than repayments and you’ll have more money to play about with once the property is sold and the loan is repaid.

If you would like to find out more information about how an interest only mortgage could be of help to your business, call us today. Our team of specialists understands how to help business owners get to where they need to be. We’ll ready to help with interest only mortgages for commercial ventures.


Commercial Mortgages for Trading Businesses

For trading businesses a commercial mortgage can be used for a variety of purposes, and with a range of benefits. If you are looking to develop existing property, branch out into new premises, extend your current building, or buy land to develop for future commercial projects, we can help you with a mortgage.

There are a number of advantages to obtaining a commercial mortgage.

Capital Gains – Purchasing commercial property can offer substantial capital gain. It is a great way to realise capital growth over a longer period of time as the valuation increases.

Lower Interest Rates – You can typically find lower rates of interest than with an unsecured agreement. A fixed monthly payment on your commercial mortgage is also a great way to have an accurate forecast of your budget.

A More Solid Future – Repayments on a commercial mortgage are unlikely to cost you more than rent, but with time your equity and foundation as a business continues to grow.

Rental Opportunities – Owning your commercial space allows you to be flexible. In future if you have spare rooms you can rent those out to generate extra income.

First4Commercial understands the landscape for business owners looking to obtain a commercial mortgage for whatever reason. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team and we’ll be happy to help.

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