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Commercial Mortgages for Trading Businesses

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Capital Gains b Purchasing commercial property can offer substantial capital gain. It is a great way to realise capital growth over a longer period of time as the valuation increases. Lower Interest Rates b You can typically find lower rates of interest than with an unsecured agreement. A fixed monthly payment on your commercial mortgage is also a great way to have an accurate forecast of your budget. A More Solid Future b Repayments on a commercial mortgage are unlikely to cost you more than rent, but with time your equity and foundation as a business continues to grow. Rental Opportunities b Owning your commercial space allows you to be flexible. In future if you have spare rooms you can rent those out to generate extra income. First4Commercial understands the landscape for business owners looking to obtain a commercial mortgage for whatever reason. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team and webll be happy to help.]]>