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Interest Only Mortgages on a Commercial Basis

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Low Monthly Payments b When compared to the repayment option you are likely to be paying a lot less per month with an interest only mortgage. This allows you to put aside the amount required at the end of the agreement period. Lump Incomes b For some business owners you know that youbll be receiving a large lump sum of money through the closure of a deal or sale of a property. In these instances an interest only mortgage is the perfect option to help you pay off in full, faster, and cheaper than with a traditional repayment approach. Flexible Payments b Unlike the traditional repayment option there is greater flexibility in terms of what you can pay back. This is great for businesses that might have fluctuating cashflow and can pay more back at certain periods of the year. Property Developers b Interest only mortgages are perfect for those with property interests. It provides more upfront cash to go into renovation, rather than repayments and youbll have more money to play about with once the property is sold and the loan is repaid. If you would like to find out more information about how an interest only mortgage could be of help to your business, call us today. Our team of specialists understands how to help business owners get to where they need to be. Webll ready to help with interest only mortgages for commercial ventures.]]>