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Small Bridging Loans to Prepare a Second Home for Tenants

If you own a second home you might be interested in renting it out to tenants on either a short-term or long-term basis. Owning a number of properties provides you with the flexibility to have an extra income flow to add to your finances, but you will have to make the second property ready for your prospective tenants to move into.

There are a number of reasons why you would benefit form acquiring a small bridging loan to help you get your second home ready and liveable.

Furnished or Unfurnished – You always have options as a landlord and it is up to you whether you want to fully furnish your property for tenants, or leave it unfurnished. The decision will impact your rental yield potential, but either way you will often find that the majority of rental properties have white goods present and you will also have to ensure everything is fully decorated and up to scratch in terms of health and safety standards.

Clean and Tidy – Once the framework of the property has been concluded the landlord is responsible for brushing up the property so that it is ready to view. Providing the property with a deep clean and ensuring that the exterior, as well as the interior, is clean and tidy will make it more enticing to prospective tenants.

Maintenance Issues – Once you have tenants in place it is your responsibility to take care of regular maintenance issues and be at hand to fix any problems that take place. Insurance will cover you in the most extreme cases, but you might require a small bridging loan to take care of a problem immediately, whilst you are waiting for a payment to be sent through.

Speak to our experienced team at First4Commercial about a bridging loan that will help you perfectly prepare your second home for prospective tenants, whether on a short-term or long-term basis. There are a few factors to consider and you always have options, but a small bridging loan will help you prepare your second home to be lived in.


Purchasing Properties at Auction

Building a property portfolio is an exciting process to go through, and there is nowhere that provides a buzz as much as a property auction. For those of you looking to purchase properties at auction you will understand that time is precious and in order to get a deal over the line it is a necessity to have finances in place as quickly as possible.

Go in with a Firm Budget – Working with an auction finance lender will allow you to build an accurate picture of exactly how much you have to work with prior to entering an auction. This means that you can bid for properties without overstretching your budget, as you know exactly what you can spend.

Don’t Lose Out on Property – Property auction halls are competitive places. If you can go in with the knowledge that you have the finances in place to compete and complete on a purchase you can bid with confidence. Property that has been purchased through auction often has to be completed at a faster rate than traditional property purchases so you have to be sure you can complete in time.

Build a Relationship to Help Build Your Portfolio – If you are looking to build a property empire then having a good relationship with a bridging finance provider will stand you in good stead to bid for those properties you feel will be a worthy addition to your portfolio.

Contact First4Commercial today and our experienced team can provide you with all the information you require to put together bridging finance that can help you to purchase property at auction and add to your property portfolio. We understand how vital it is to be able to finalise a transaction at auction even if you don’t currently have the funds in place, we can help with auction finance to get the property purchase over the line.


What is Invoice Factoring?

For many companies the problem that they encounter the most relates to cashflow. Invoice factoring is a service that can be provided by an external company, such as First4Commercial, to help fund your cashflow by acquiring your invoices at a discount.

Invoice factoring is an enticing solution to companies with cashflow problems and also goes under the names ‘asset based lending’, ‘debt factoring’, and ‘invoice finance’.

Invoice factoring is a really simple process. If you are in need of some funds to control cashflow and have outstanding invoices, we can manage your sales ledger and credit control on your behalf. We will offer an advance a percentage of the funds linked to the invoices to help you with your cashflow problems. Once the customer has paid, we will make the remaining balance available to you with a small fee retained.

The major advantage to invoice factoring is that it allows you to free up cash that is tied to unpaid invoices, making financial management of your company a lot easier. You can focus on what makes your company tick and allow us to look after your credit control and invoice factoring, meaning that you don’t have to chase clients for payment, or worry about cashflow in the immediate future.

Contact our specialist team at First4Commercial today and we’ll be happy to discuss our invoice factoring service and how it can assist your business in managing cashflow effectively and not having to worry about chasing clients for unpaid invoices.


Purchasing Farmland with a Bridging Loan

Whether you are purchasing an entire farm, a section of farmland, or looking to expand on your existing farm it is important to work with lenders that can help you achieve your goals. There are a number of reasons why you might require the assistance of a bridging loan provider and First4Commercial is here to help you reach your farmland targets.

Purchase Further Land – One reason you might need assistance in the form of a bridging loan is to purchase farmland or an entire farm. If you are in dialogue with a neighbouring farmer over the acquisition of part of their land, it is likely you will need some upfront cash to get the deal done.

Upgrade Your Farm – Similarly, if you are looking to upgrade your existing farm in terms of purchasing new machinery, equipment or additional livestock a bridging loan will help you to achieve this. In some cases the need for a boost to cashflow when awaiting payment from a customer or government subsidy is the only way to continue to operate effectively.

Fast Turnaround on Decisions – Whatever your reasons for needed financial assistance, you’ll want to have a fast decision. When it comes to rural acquisitions things can move at a fast pace. We understand that and are here to provide you with a fast answer to help you get the deal done.

Speak to our team at First4Commercial today and we’ll be able to assist you with the expansion of your farmland, or to put in place the secure finances that allow you to purchase an entire farm. Whatever your specific desires we are here to help, with the knowledge and experience to help. We look forward to hearing from you.

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