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June 2017
Furnished or Unfurnished b You always have options as a landlord and it is up to you whether you want to fully furnish your property for tenants, or leave it unfurnished. The decision will impact your rental yield potential, but either way you will often find that the majority of rental properties have white goods […]
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Go in with a Firm Budget b Working with an auction finance lender will allow you to build an accurate picture of exactly how much you have to work with prior to entering an auction. This means that you can bid for properties without overstretching your budget, as you know exactly what you can spend. […]
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Purchase Further Land b One reason you might need assistance in the form of a bridging loan is to purchase farmland or an entire farm. If you are in dialogue with a neighbouring farmer over the acquisition of part of their land, it is likely you will need some upfront cash to get the deal […]
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