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High Value Bridging Loans for the Professional Sector

First4Commercial offers high value bridging loans for the professional sector, offering advice, guidance and financial assistance to help a business grow and reach its potential. For those within the professional sector it is important to have a high quality appearance and a high-value bridging loan can be used for a number of reasons to maintain this appearance to customers, whilst helping a company grow.

First4Commercial has the experience to help a wide range of individual practitioners and companies within the professional sector. We have previously been able to assist solicitors, doctors, dentists, accountants and vets with high value bridging loans, up to 100% the value of their commercial property as security. This can be made available by raising the required deposit on any existing properties that those companies or individuals own.

A large commercial bridging loan can be taken out up to 100% of the value of the commercial property as security, with First4Commercial offering a flexible approach in order to help as many clients as possible where additional security is required.

As a company within the professional sector grows there will be a requirement to either enlarge the existing property or to move to larger premises. Other changes in the business relate to the hiring and training of new staff, as well as the purchasing and implementation of new equipment and technology.

If you would like to find out more information about a high-value bridging loan for the professional sector, contact the First4Commercial team today.


Bridging Loan Rates from 0.45%

Bridging finance offers a fast and effective way to secure a residential or commercial property that is not already fully mortgaged. In some cases you’ll need to act quickly and decisively to ensure you complete the purchase on a commercial transaction or residential property and First4Commercial can assist you with a fast bridging loan, from as little as 0.45% per month, in most cases.

There are a number of legal reasons why a bridging loan is required. This can include extra finance to help complete a purchase transaction on a property whilst the larger mortgage application is processed. They are handy for refurbishment projects that have a clear sale price in mind in the not too distant future, or for similar development projects where investors are regularly looking to purchase properties at auction.

Whatever your reason for needing financial assistance in the form of a bridging loan what we ask is that you have an exit route that can clearly be demonstrated prior to us agreeing to helping. This exit strategy can be the sale of a property that is currently on the market, or another source of funding, that allows you to pay back the short-term loan. In most scenarios First4Commercial is able to help.

To find out more about how First4Commercial can help you with a fast-acting bridging loan from as little as 0.45% per month, contact our customer service team today and they’ll be happy to assist you. Our specialist team understand the industry and we can talk through your specific situation, helping you put together a plan of action that allows you to secure your project whilst waiting for further funds to become available.


Commercial Owner Occupancy Mortgages

An owner occupancy commercial mortgage is a business mortgage where the applicant intends to run, or is already running, their own business in the property that the mortgage relates to. First4Commercial has experience in assisting applicants for these types of commercial mortgage and can help you move to the next level of business growth.

There are a number of benefits to business owners looking to acquire a commercial owner occupancy mortgage. They are perfect for a business that is looking to relocate to new and larger premises, or a business that is seeking to purchase a new commercial property to move away from the process of leasing as they currently are doing so.

Another reason for a commercial mortgage is to raise necessary funding for a specific commercial purpose, such as investing in new staff or technical equipment to aid the company in its growth, or for those individuals who are looking to acquire a business that already exists and has a property attached (traditionally this fits the model of a Hotel, Restaurant or Public House).

If you are looking for assistance with an application for a commercial owner occupancy mortgage, you are in the right place. First4Commercial has the experience and technical team in place to help you acquire the commercial mortgage that will make a real difference to your venture. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team and we’ll be more than happy to talk through your specific project and put together a plan of action for a commercial mortgage.


Large Commercial Mortgages

Large commercial mortgages are secured on the commercial properties in questions, whether that is an office, warehouse, factory, garage or retail shop. As with residential mortgages the lender holds the deeds to the property as security. If you are searching for a commercial mortgage for your venture First4Commercial can offer specialist advice and guidance for those within the following sectors:

  • Commercial Office Space
  • Leisure Industry
  • Investment and Development Opportunities
  • Agricultural and Rural Projects
  • Retail Ventures
  • Professional Sector

A commercial mortgage is usually necessary once a business loan has finished, with figures over £25,000 usually requiring security in the form of a commercial property in order to reduce the risk to the lender. A commercial mortgage can be taken out on loans up to 100% of the value of the property in some cases with First4Commercial, with flexibility in terms of additional security where required.

As a business grows it might be necessary to take out a small business bridging loan to begin with, with a large commercial mortgage the time when the company needs to make significant changes, such as a relocation or increase in staff, technology etc. Without a commercial mortgage it can be difficult for small companies to take that leap to the next level of growth.

If you would like to speak to our commercial mortgage specialists at First4Commercial please contact us today. As you can see we have the capabilities to assist a wide range of businesses in many different sectors acquire a large commercial mortgage.

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