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  • A commercial mortgage is usually necessary once a business loan has finished, with figures over B#25,000 usually requiring security in the form of a commercial property in order to reduce the risk to the lender. A commercial mortgage can be taken out on loans up to 100% of the value of the property in some cases with First4Commercial, with flexibility in terms of additional security where required. As a business grows it might be necessary to take out a small business bridging loan to begin with, with a large commercial mortgage the time when the company needs to make significant changes, such as a relocation or increase in staff, technology etc. Without a commercial mortgage it can be difficult for small companies to take that leap to the next level of growth. If you would like to speak to our commercial mortgage specialists at First4Commercial please contact us today. As you can see we have the capabilities to assist a wide range of businesses in many different sectors acquire a large commercial mortgage.]]>