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Great customer service

Giving great customer service, does not only leave you feeling satisfied that you have done your job properly, but leaves the customer satisfied. Satisfied customers will help your business expand and they are more likely to recommend your services to friends and associates.

Our main priority here at first4commercial is our customers. Servicing the needs of our customer is what you we all about, we understand what it is you want from us. By knowing this, our customer service skills will allow us to provide you with not only good customer service, but excellent customer service. At first4commercial, we look at it from another perspective, when we are someone’s customer, how do we like to be treated? Here at first4commerical we pride ourselves on fantastic customer service. As a business always think of ways to improve:


  • Give more to your customer than they will expect. Since the main focus is keeping customers happy, think of ways to elevate yourself above other competitors. What can you give your customers that they cannot get elsewhere?
  • It will benefit your company if you collect regular feedback from your customers. Encourage and welcome any suggestions they have about how you could improve. Listen carefully to what they have to say, whether it be positive or negative. Provide a method that invites constructive criticism, comments, and suggestions.
  • Always take the time to listen. Showing your customer that you are listening by making eye contact with them. Take the time to find out the customers needs by not only listening but asking questions and clarifying, rather than making any assumptions.

Things to consider when taking out a loan

As tempting as taking out a loan can be, finance companies are especially good are finding ways to make extra money from you. Always read the small print and clauses when thinking about taking out a personal loan.  There are many things for you to consider before applying for a loan:

  • As tempting as it is to take out a large sum when applying for a loan, always remember the more you take out and longer you’re paying back the debt, the more interest your likely to be repaying.
  • Always look at the total cost repayable, this includes any interest and any extra charges.
  • Are the monthly payments going to be affordable for you?
  • Check to see if you will be charged if you decide to pay the loan off earlier than agreed. Read the terms and conditions in full before making any rushed decisions.
  • Look at alternatives, how about saving up or using a short-term low interest credit card, always weigh up your options.
  • Look at payment penalties that you’ll be charged, if you miss or are late with making a payment, always make sure you understand all the terms.
  • Don’t fall for gimmicks- many lenders will try to entice people with things like cashback on some loans. Nothing in life is free, there’s normally always a catch. Be sure to read up on things before signing up to anything.

If a loan is your only option for access to money quickly, do your research first and shop around for the best deal.


What are bridging loans?

A bridge loan is a temporary loan that bridges the gap between the price of a new home, and a home buyer’s new mortgage, in the event that the buyer’s home has not yet sold.

The bridge loan is secured against the buyer’s existing home. The funds from the bridge loan are then placed as a down payment for the move-up home. A bridge loan will provide finance on a short-term basis to “bridge” the gap while an individual secures more permanent financing.

How does a bridge loan work?

Sometimes certain lenders may require you to meet a minimum credit score in order for you to be eligible to apply for a bridge loan.

Some borrowers structure their loans, in order to pay off all the existing debt on a property, while others use their bridge loans as a second loan on top of their existing one. In some cases, once your existing home sells, the proceeds go toward paying off the bridge loan, or you continue making payments on your old and new mortgages, using the funds from the loan to stretch your budget. The proceeds from selling your old house still go toward paying off the bridge loan, including all the interest that has accrued.

Here are a few reasons as to why a bridge loan may be the right option for you;

  • It is short-time financing.
  • Usually interest-only payments.
  • If your existing home hasn’t sold, it makes the purchase of your new home possible.

Securing a loan for your new investment

Do you have a business opportunity you don’t want to miss out on? Worrying about how you’ll afford it all? Being successful in securing a loan for your investment can be just as simple as when lending money for a residential mortgage. Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to expand your business, First4Commerical can assist you. First4Commercial are registered with the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB).

Even though funding for small business has become more and more difficult, the advantage of using a broker to help your business, has now become more recognised. Our team of experienced and highly qualified advisers are available to provide you with the right advice and guidance you need. We at First4Commercial take great pride in our outstanding customer service, right from the mortgage process through to completion and beyond. Here at First4Commerical, we have the suitable knowledge and necessary contacts, in order to help find you the best deal.

We search across the whole commercial market, including high street banks and building societies to independent lenders to help us provide the right solution for you.

Even if you have a poor credit history, or unable to provide accounts to show your capable of repaying the loan we may be able to help you still. Maybe consider applying for a smaller loan and ensure you making regular payments, and on time, this will build your credit score for the future.

Ring us today, get the funds you need with the help of First4Commerical. You can make monthly affordable installments, whilst concentrating on being successful.

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