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Reasons to Seek Out a Bridging Loan

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Refurbishment of a Property b In some cases a newly purchased property will require significant refurbishment work to take place before it is completed and fit for habitation. A bridging loan can help fund the purchase of materials, equipment and specialist tradespeople before you sell on the property. Cover Unexpected Employment Bills b As more and more people in the UK are working as freelancers or starting their own businesses we often see cases where they are hit with unexpected (or larger than expected) tax bills and other associated costs. If you havenbt yet had chance to build up savings, a small bridging loan can cover you until the next large project is paid by your clients. An Alternative with Bad Credit b If you have bad credit some traditional lenders might not wish to give you a chance. At First4Commercial we are geared to assist all clients seeking bridging finance, even if you have struggled to acquire credit through other avenues prior to contacting us. No matter your situation the friendly team at First4Commercial is here to help. Find out more by giving us a call today on 01277 620083 or by emailing and webll get back to you at your convenience.]]>