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Growing a Business with the Help of a Loan

Owning a business is very hard work. You’ll be putting in long hours, working on all sorts of different tasks and projects at once and spinning a lot of different plates. With staff to employ and look after, a location to scout, sign up for and to expand, and customers to keep happy, it can be excruciating at times. But, a lot of fun and rewarding at the end of it all.

If you are looking to continue the growth of your business, finding the right business loan is a vital component of a business plan and can help find a solution to the following problems.

Purchasing Equipment – Whatever industry you are in you will need equipment for staff members to use. Once a business grows you might need to upgrade to the latest technology and software, or buy new items for an ever-expanding team.

Renovation and Refurbishment – If you own your business premises there will come a time when you wish to either refurbish, in order to spruce the place up, or expand through renovation. Creating new space, or moving to a new location can cause a tightrope where finances are tight.

Cover Marketing and Advertising – As you grow you’ll have a plan in place to not only attract new customers, but also how to maintain a high standard when greater numbers of customers arrive. Marketing and advertising costs can be covered by a business loan to attract a whole new audience, whilst maintaining a core support of loyal customers.

At First4Commercial we understand what makes a business tick. We have helped countless businesses find the help they require in order to expand with minimal growing pains. For more info, contact us on 01277 620 083 or



Covering Cashflow When Waiting for Customer Payments

Bad debt protection is a service that can help safeguard small businesses from the pressures and potentially perilous complications of cashflow problems relating to customers failing to pay invoices on time. If you cannot secure a payment on an invoice it can be critical to your ability to pay bills and to grow as a company. Covering cashflow is vital, and with bad debt protection you can:

Take on New Customers with Confidence – You can take on brand new customers, once you have gone through your personalised vetting processes, and understand that in the worst-case scenario you are covered. Taking on new clients is critical to grow as a company, but you have to be sure that they are good payers for it to work.

Help in the Event of Client Insolvency – When a client becomes insolvent it can cause panic stations at a growing business. Bad debt protection ensures that you are looked after during the process of insolvency, looking for a speedy and acceptable resolution through dialogue with the Insolvency Practitioner.

Have Assistance from an Expert – No matter what the cashflow situation you are struggling through, our bad debt protection service helps you through expert solutions, advice and guidance when you need it the most.

If you would like to put together a bad debt protection package that suits your particular business needs, please feel free to get in touch with a friendly member of the First4Commercial team today. You can reach us by email at, or by phone on 01277 620 083.


Building a Business with the Help of an Overdraft

Any expanding business will require some assistance with cashflow at certain times. The money you have in at any given time can move up and down, and your ability to juggle the chasing of customer payments with the means to pay your own bills is a vital part of being a successful business owner.

Business overdrafts are one financial service that can be a real help to a growing business. It provides a level of flexibility, allowing for short-term borrowing of money when required as an emergency, without having to take out a larger business loan (with the interest and fees associated with those).

This provides a much tighter control over cashflow, allowing for extra finance as and when required and ensuring that a cashflow gap does not cause long-term problems for the business, or leave you personally out of pocket as the business owner responsible for the payments.

An overdraft facility also gives you a greater control over the analysis and monitoring of your finances, with all payments in and out able to go through, even if cashflow is currently poor. Insufficient funds to make a payment can be covered over a few days without racking up great interest levels, whilst you know a payment will be coming in shortly.

At First4Commercial we understand the pressure points of any growing business. Our financial advisors have helped countless businesses, in myriad industries to successfully grow over the years, utilising our expertise, guidance and range of financial services. If you would like to gain our insight and professional help, please feel free to contact us today on or 01277 620 083.


Become a Commercial Introducer with First4Commercial

At First4Commercial we are always happy when our customers have found our services to be helpful. If you think that our financial services could be of interest and benefit to your own customers, we have a commercial introducer service available to you.

Becoming a commercial introducer where you tell your clients about our service, allows you to become part of an open and trusting environment, with competitive commission rates that suit all parties.

Payments are always outlined on the very first day of an agreement between First4Commercial and you. A generous commission structure makes for an appealing package. With our full service agreement you can rest assured that your clients are being looked after well, whilst you can focus on other areas of your business and service.

We pride ourselves on fast, transparent communication, and will ensure that all processes begin with a clear, no obligation quote. Our ethical approach permeates throughout the commercial introducer package, and we’ll never cross sell to your clients. We’ll also offer flexibility of service, providing as much or as little direct involvement with your client as you would like.

If you would like to become a commercial introducer for First4Commercial, building a long-lasting, fruitful relationship that benefits you and your clients, contact us today. You can speak to an expert in the field by calling 01277 620 083, or by emailing We can help on a single-case basis, or put together an agreement that covers a wide range of instances and clients.

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