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Covering Cashflow When Waiting for Customer Payments

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Take on New Customers with Confidence b You can take on brand new customers, once you have gone through your personalised vetting processes, and understand that in the worst-case scenario you are covered. Taking on new clients is critical to grow as a company, but you have to be sure that they are good payers for it to work. Help in the Event of Client Insolvency b When a client becomes insolvent it can cause panic stations at a growing business. Bad debt protection ensures that you are looked after during the process of insolvency, looking for a speedy and acceptable resolution through dialogue with the Insolvency Practitioner. Have Assistance from an Expert b No matter what the cashflow situation you are struggling through, our bad debt protection service helps you through expert solutions, advice and guidance when you need it the most. If you would like to put together a bad debt protection package that suits your particular business needs, please feel free to get in touch with a friendly member of the First4Commercial team today. You can reach us by email at, or by phone on 01277 620 083.]]>