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Growing Effectively as a SME with a Bridging Loan

Running a SME is a delicate balancing act at all times. As the company grows, so to does the need for extra employees, more equipment, a higher standard of equipment and processes, and finance to achieve all of those things. It can be difficult to achieve steady and effective growth as a small business, but it is possible. With a commercial bridging loan fromFirst4Commercial you can take those next steps at a pace that suits your business needs.

With bridging finance your business will have the means to alleviate short-term cashflow problems. This is vital when there are bills to pay (suppliers, staff, tax, rent etc.) but the next invoice is being paid in a few days or a few weeks time. A bridging loan allows you to shore up your finances, knowing that you can cover the cost a little bit further down the line.

This breathing space is vital to any company, but  especially small and medium-sized companies where a shock to the system can have a devastating effect in the worst circumstances.

Having the ability to weather the storms that come the way of any business as it grows is vital to long-term growth and stability. With a commercial bridging loan from First4Commercial our team can help you achieve your goals and grow effectively as a SME. Contact us today by calling 01277 620 083, or alternatively email us at info@first4commercial.comand we’ll return to you at your convenience.


What is Invoice Discounting?

Invoice discounting offers an alternative solution to those seeking short-term commercial finance. If you are suffering as a small and growing company to receive payments from invoices, invoice discounting provides instant access to the cash tied up in those outstanding invoices. It is a facility that can adapt and change with your company, allowing you a flexible approach to commercial finance in a different way to an overdraft or a business loan.

 Through invoice discounting, you’ll receive a portion of the outstanding invoice (used as collateral for a loan) upfront, helping the business with cash flow in the short-term. When the invoice is paid, you’ll receive the outstanding amount, minus a small service charge for the invoice discounting service).

To secure finance through invoice discounting there is no need to own any assets, which not every business does. Instead, the outstanding invoices are used as collateral. It is a private service that allows you to remain completely in control of your credit collection from clients, with no outside person or service contacting your clients to collect outstanding payments.

In terms of looking after your budget as a business, invoice discounting is a great way to maintain a greater level of control over your finances. You can only take out cash that is outstanding and owed to the business. That way, you are not putting at risk the future of the company by becoming reliant to finances outside of your limits.

To find out more about invoice discounting, as well as other commercial financial services such as bad debt protection, bridging loans and asset-based lending, contact the First4Commercial team on 01277 620 083 or


Benefits of a Non-Status Commercial Loan

A short-term non-status commercial loan is a flexiblecommercial financing option for small businesses that are struggling to securefinancing from traditional lenders. They can be taken out over a period of between12 months and 5 years and provide a quick response to a short-term problem for businesses.

So, when might you be in a position that a non-status loan is applicable to your business?

It could be that you are just starting out as a company owner, but require investment prior to beginning your journey. This finance can be utilises to secure business premises, equipment and employees to allow the company to start from a solid foundation. The better the start you have as a business, the more likely it is to be able to withstand the pressures and cashflow complications that all businesses face at some point.

Over time, your business will grow, and with a commercial loan you have the means to deliver effective growth, improving the infrastructure, hardware, software, premises and staff in order to drive standards and improve as a company. With the right tools at your disposal, you can control the rate of growth, expanding at a speed that suits your company.

As part of this evolution of a business there will be periods where the best approach is to consolidate debt and take on board short-term finance in order to become debt free over a much faster and easier to manage timeframe.

Give the First4Commercial team a call today on 01277 630 083 or email


Completing Home Refurbishment Projects with a Loan

If you run a home property refurbishment company, or fancy your hand at developing homes to be rented out or sold on for profit, there will always be a question of how you finance those projects. For some people, home refurbishment is just a way to improve the home that he or she lives in, upgrading a kitchen or bathroom, expanding to welcome children to the family, or just to improve living standards.

A loan from First4Commercial can help you to achieve your property refurbishment goals, whether as a commercial venture, or for a domestic residential property that you live in.

The first thing to consider is the exact requirements of the loan. Conduct an in-depth analysis of your home refurbishment project, look at what requires upgrading, how much work is required and how much money needed to professionally complete those tasks to the desired standards.

You can work out this figure by talking to various professional tradespeople in your area, receiving quotes from a few different sources. This also gives you a chance to find the right tradespeople to work on your project, as you need to have trust in the people delivering your vision.

With the foundation of the project in place in terms of financial figures and personnel, you can apply for a secure loan based on those figures. Speak to a member of the First4Commercial team and we’ll be happy to offer advice and guidance about our range of financial products. Home refurbishment loans and commercial property development finance can help you to achieve your dreams. Contact us today by calling 01277 620 083 or by emailing

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