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First 4 Commercial > Uncategorized > What is Invoice Discounting?
Invoice discounting offers an alternative solution to those seeking short-term commercial finance. If you are suffering as a small and growing company to receive payments from invoices, invoice discounting provides instant access to the cash tied up in those outstanding invoices. It is a facility that can adapt and change with your company, allowing you a flexible approach to commercial finance in a different way to an overdraft or a business loan.

B Through invoice discounting, youbll receive a portion of the outstanding invoice (used as collateral for a loan) upfront, helping the business with cash flow in the short-term. When the invoice is paid, youbll receive the outstanding amount, minus a small service charge for the invoice discounting service).

To secure finance through invoice discounting there is no need to own any assets, which not every business does. Instead, the outstanding invoices are used as collateral. It is a private service that allows you to remain completely in control of your credit collection from clients, with no outside person or service contacting your clients to collect outstanding payments.

In terms of looking after your budget as a business, invoice discounting is a great way to maintain a greater level of control over your finances. You can only take out cash that is outstanding and owed to the business. That way, you are not putting at risk the future of the company by becoming reliant to finances outside of your limits.

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