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Applying for a Commercial Loan

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At First4Commercial we are geared towards helping companies within a wide range of sectors and industries to achieve both short-term and long-term company goals through access to, often crucial, commercial finance and bridging loans.

We have helped companies within the following sectors with commercial loans:

  • Commercial Sector
  • Professional Sector
  • Leisure Sector
  • Retail Industry
  • Agricultural & Rural
  • Investment & Development

Absolutely any company can apply for a business loan. It doesnbt matter how small or large a company is, or the reasons behind seeking a commercial loan. Each company and application will be taken on its merits and a decision made from there.

We have access to a wide range of funding sources, enabling us to offer flexible commercial lending to many different customers. This includes non-status lending for those with a poor credit history, and 100% finance for those looking to raise a deposit on an existing property. The choices and options are available: itbs about matching each new application with the right lending stream for their specific needs.

A commercial loan can help a company at times when cashflow is tough, during the initial phases of a start-up company, when expansion is a real and viable proposition but finding is tight, and for a whole host of other reasons.

We have a track record and successful history of helping our clients acquire the best commercial loans for their specific needs and long-term plans. To find out more information please feel free to speak to our friendly customer service team by calling 01277 620 083 or emailing