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Information You Need to Apply for a Commercial Mortgage

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When looking to buy a property for your business it is important to be fully prepared prior to making key decisions. Along with choosing the right location, having a deposit in place, and finding a specific building that fits your criteria, budget, and capacity, it is vital that you understand what is expected from you.

No matter where you end up lending money from for a commercial venture there will be a few documents and bits of information that will always be required. This will include documents relating to the performance of your business, as well as long-term projections and plans.

Our team can help you find the right lending stream for your needs and credit history, but any commercial loan will be awarded based on your ability to be able to make repayments. You should prepare by putting together a resource of your company documents that includes:

  • 2-years worth of audited accounts
  • Financial forecast for next few years
  • Current and historical business performance
  • Key business personnel information for credit-check purposes
  • Business plan specific to prospective property
  • Business credit status
  • Growth projections

At First4Commercial we can help you find the perfect commercial mortgage for your needs. We even have scope to help those applicants with adverse credit or a low deposit amount. To find out more information, speak to our expert team by contacting us today. After an initial chat about your situation webll be more than happy to provide you with advice and guidance about the types of commercial loans we can help you with.

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