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Creating High Customer Service Standards to Make Your Business Thrive

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One of the key factors in growing a successful business is to maintain high customer satisfaction rates. This can be achieved through various processes and factors, including a high standard of customer service that is consistent, on-brand, and delivers when customer are both happy and unhappy with your overall service.

How do you build and maintain high customer service standards?

Good First Impression – First impressions are always important, especially in the modern age where an irate customer or potential customer can quickly jeopardise your company reputation through social media postings. Most first impressions are formed within the first 10 seconds, so provide your staff with thorough training that allows them to hit the ground running when speaking to a customer or a potential customer.

Consistency of Approach – Brand consistency is another vital aspect of a business, and your customer service staff should understand your brand, ideals, service and products, and customer service and complaints procedures inside out. A customer should find no difference in customer service approach whether they are speaking to the same person again, or a completely different employee from the last call or visit to store.

Fast Resolutions  – All any customer wants is a fast and effective resolution. This applies whether a potential customer is querying a product or service with a view to purchasing from your company, or if a current customer is phoning up to ask about your returns policy or to put in a complaint. Your staff must be fast, decisive, and provide an acceptable resolution.

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