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Marketing Tips for a Start-up Café

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Starting your own café is tough work. There are many decisions to be made along the way, from the location, the size of the café, the type of food and drink you want to serve, to your target market and your choice of suppliers. Marketing is an important part of any business, and with a café it can make a huge difference to giving you that new customer bump that helps you build a loyal customer base to build from.

Find the Right Finance – Whatever your situation it is vital that you have a budget in place to market your café effectively. At First4Commercial we can help you achieve your goals through provision of commercial finance. With a budget in place you can choose the best route for your specific situation for marketing to your target customer.

Be Unique – The café and coffee shop market is saturated, so it is important to have some sort of unique angle that you can market. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic, just have a think about how to stand out. It could be that you open later than your competitors, that you specialise in a specific food or drink, or that you offer vegetarian or vegan food. There are plenty of choices.

Customer Loyalty – A fantastic way for any new business to grow custom is to offer a customer loyalty scheme. In many cases this is in the form of a card that can be stamped or marked every time a customer buys a hot drink (or food item), with the 10th being given free as a reward for return custom.

At First4Commercial we provide access to commercial finance for a wide range of businesses, including start-up cafés and other hospitality ventures. If you would like to find out more about our service please feel free to contact our friendly team today by calling 01277 620 083 or emailing

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