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Advantages of Buy-to-Let Mortgages

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There are many advantages to taking the plunge and purchasing a buy-to-let property, or to add to an existing property portfolio. At First4Commercial we have access to an extensive network of financing solutions to help you purchase buy-to-let properties for both residential and commercial enterprises.

An investment in property with a view to renting out that property is a reliable source of income for the owner. It is an asset that you have control over, with a view to future profits from rent or sale. It means you have a second source of income, through rent paid by your tenants or through capital growth depending on where your property is located and the potential for regeneration in the area and future rises in property prices.

There is great demand from renters throughout the country and you are unlikely to suffer many void periods, and very unlikely to suffer extended periods with no tenant in place. If you are building a portfolio over time, a buy-to-let mortgage allows you to purchase property in many different forms. You could decide, for instance, to purchase several apartments at a lower price than a house, adding a number of tenants to your regular rental income.

Buy-to-let properties provide an owner with the chance to secure long-term tenants that are reliable, with a steady stream of income well into the future. To find out more about our service please feel free to speak to the First4Commercial team on 01277 620 083 or

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