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Applying for Bridging Finance as an Elderly Person

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Bridging finance is a fast, short-term solution to many different aspects of life. For many people a bridging loan is used to secure a property that they wish to purchase at auction, to plan an expansion of a business, or to put together a refurbishment plan for a property with a view to selling it on for profit.

At First4Commercial we understand that there could be a handful of reasons why you need help securing bridging finance, and with as wide a network of lenders as we have access to, we are in a strong position to help those applicants who may have struggled to be accepted for a loan through traditional high street lenders.

One such portion of society that may now struggle to secure bridging finance is the elderly. For some traditional lenders there is no desire to lend money to people over retirement age, as they do not see how the long-term benefits stack up. This reasoning could be used for any person, of any age, and that is why we have built up an extensive network of lenders to suit a wide variety of needs – from those applicants with adverse credit, to those who may be deemed ‘too old’ by traditional lending sources.

We do not have an upper age limit as part of our service, with many of our lenders known to regularly provide bridging loans to clients over the age of 90!

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