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How Long Can I Take Out a Bridging Loan For?

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If you are considering taking out bridging finance you will have one of a variety of reasons for doing so. It is a fast way to secure finances over a short-period of time for any number of legal purposes, with many people using a bridging loan to secure a property, to fund a start-up business, or to renovate a property.

At First4Commercial we have helped a large number of customers over the years to secure bridging finance to assist them in whatever project they are working on, with rates from as low as 0.45% per month. We can help you secure a bridging loan, as long as you have an exit route in place, a way to pay back this short-term loan. As long as you can demonstrate how it makes sense for you to borrow the money, and that you can repay within the agreed terms, you can secure bridging funding.

How long can you take out a bridging loan for though?

It really depends on the reason why you have applied for a bridging loan in the first place. In most cases a bridging loan is available for anywhere between 1-month and 24-months, though in some cases you might be able to secure a 36-month bridging loan.

For more information about bridging finance speak to the First4Commercial team today and we’ll be happy to help you put together a solid plan for your future. Call us on 01277 620 083 or email

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