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Getting a Commercial Mortgage with Bad Credit

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There are so many different types of businesses and business owners in this world. Variety really is the spice of life, and why should it be that if you have had a chequered financial history that you shouldn’t be able to run a business in the future?

At First4Commercial we understand that it isn’t always simple and straightforward when going through life, and that you may have come across some obstacles in your time that have led you to build a bad credit score. If you are now in a position where you are running a business and wish to take out a commercial mortgage, you shouldn’t be stuck because of this adverse credit history.

Adverse credit scores can happen for a variety of reasons, building up over a long period of time. Your credit score might start to diminish due to a missed credit card payment, a late payment of a bill through a technical concern or oversight on your part. It could also be for more serious financial reasons, such as a CCJ against your name.

The team here at First4Commercial understands that there are many different types of people, with all sorts of different financial backgrounds applying for commercial mortgages. What we have done is build up a network of commercial lenders to ensure that no matter your history, we can help you secure a commercial mortgage even with bad credit.

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