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Small Bridging Loans with First4Commercial

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We know that there are times when our customers need a bit of financial help immediately. This could be to begin a project in earnest, to push forward with a revamp of a company or to upscale a business, or to push through a transaction so as to not lose an opportunity. If you do not have the permitted cashflow however, what options do you have?

With a small bridging loan – we have bridging finance starting from £5,000 – you could be looking at the difference between success and failure.

Our team has helped customers secure a commercial property through an auction, financing the finalisation of a deal, as well as helping a company clear out debts in order to prevent bankruptcy and allow for a little more time to receive much needed funds to heal the situation.

We have built up a secure and extensive network of commercial finance specialists, ensuring that we can get you that financial assistance you require quite quickly. Going through traditional avenues to secure bridging finance can sometimes take weeks or months to complete, whilst with us we understand the urgency and have plans in place to help you right away.

Our rates for bridging finance start from as little as 0.45% per month, with a simple process of application where you only have to provide concrete evidence that you have an exit strategy and the ability to pay back the loan within the agreed terms.

If you would like some further assistance speak to our team on 01277 620 083.

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