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Asset Based Lending from First4Commercial

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Asset based lending is a fantastic way for your business to grow. It allows you to access cash at times of irregular cashflow, utilising the value held in your assets. This helps to increase working capital through existing assets being used as security from your debtors, property your company owns, plant and machinery, and other stock.

At First4Commercial we have a range of asset based lending services including:

• Asset Finance
• Invoice Factoring
• Invoice Discounting
• Leasing Options

Asset based lending has a wide range of benefits that are suitable for companies working within myriad industries. You’ll have the finance to initiate growth through a maximisation of available cash, helping you to secure new premises, recruit new staff, invest in new machinery, and secure new contracts.

Another benefit to asset based lending is that it allows for flexibility within a corporate structure, with greater equity option for shareholders during company restructuring processes. It is also widely used during mergers and acquisitions, with senior debt secured against assets in the business in the process of being acquired.

Alternatively, asset based lending could be used in management buyouts, where on-going working capital is required during a business being acquired. For many companies however asset based lending is used as a way to refinance, releasing cash from the balance sheet immediately and allowing for a larger amount of working cashflow to be utilised at any given time.

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