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Bridging Finance with Adverse Credit

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At First4Commercial we have built up a substantial network of commercial bridging finance lenders. We have taken this approach to ensure that no matter the personal circumstances of our customers we are providing the best possible chance for them to find the right type of bridging loan or commercial finance to suit their specific needs and plans.

We understand that every single person has a unique story to tell and quite often down the years we have had applicants come to us looking for help after being rejected by traditional, mainstream, bridging finance lenders due to adverse credit. Our team doesn’t want to prevent those people seeking to make a better life and to improve a commercial venture purely because historically they have a poor individual credit score.

With over 70 bridging finance lenders as part of our network we are convinced that we can find you an adverse credit bridging loan through one of our lenders, no matter your circumstances. We can find you a bridging loan even if you have missed mortgage payments in the past.

If you would like to find out more information about adverse credit bridging loans and other forms of commercial finance, you are in the right place. The First4 Commercial team has a wealth of experience in the sector and has made connections with a plethora of bridging finance solutions throughout the industry to suit all needs. Contact our friendly team today on 01277 620083 or for expert advice and guidance.

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