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No Proof of Income? No Problem!

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With such a large network of bridging finance lenders the team here at First4Commercial is the perfect place to come should you be worried about a lack of proof of income when searching for commercial finance of any kind. We can help your business to reach its destination, even if you cannot prove your income or affordability.

The vast majority of bridging lenders do not make an issue at all of seeking proof of income or affordability from applicants looking for bridging finance or other forms of commercial finance. Instead, most bridging lenders will look to use either rolled-up or retained interest as part of a bridging finance agreement.

What this means is that during the period where the loan is outstanding you will not be expected to make a monthly payment under a repayment term, instead paying the outstanding amount in full (including the interest) at the point that your agreed exit plan comes to fruition.

This type of approach means that commercial finance and bridging loans are open to those people who might have a poor credit history individually, or are just starting a new business venture, and might not be able to prove income at this point in time.

It is important that you have complete peace of mind during the process of a bridging loan and working with a lender that you can trust certainly helps with that. If you would like to find out more about our network of commercial finance lenders, please feel free to speak to the friendly First4Commercial team today. You can contact us on 01277 620083 or

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