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Exit Strategies for Bridging Loans

When taking out a bridging loan it is vital that you are fully prepared and have an exit plan in place for when it is time to repay the loan....

Advantages of Buy-to-Let Mortgages

There are many advantages to taking the plunge and purchasing a buy-to-let property, or to add to an existing property portfolio. At First4Commercial we have access to an extensive network...

Marketing Tips for a Start-up Café

Starting your own café is tough work. There are many decisions to be made along the way, from the location, the size of the café, the type of food and...

How to Survive When Your Business is Struggling

As a business owner you will go through peaks and troughs. Every business will have moments where it is struggling for cashflow or unable to make that next jump in...

How to Build a Loyal Customer Base at Your Restaurant

Customer loyalty is the vital lifeblood of any business, in any industry. When it comes to a restaurant however, it takes on an even more vital component of the success...

Creating High Customer Service Standards to Make Your Business Thrive

One of the key factors in growing a successful business is to maintain high customer satisfaction rates. This can be achieved through various processes and factors, including a high standard...

The Benefits of Taking out a Commercial Loan

Commercial finance in the form of business loans can be incredibly helpful to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Here, we take a look at a few of the benefits of taking out a commercial loan, and how the team here at First4Commercial is in the perfect place to help you secure your future. Business […]

Reasons to Use a Bridging Loan

Bridging loans can be applied for under a wide variety of circumstances and for many different reasons. At First4Commercial we specialise in providing our clients with access to myriad commercial bridging loans, as well as domestic mortgage solutions. The main reasons that people apply for bridging loans are: Property investment projects But-to-let property purchases Development […]

Information You Need to Apply for a Commercial Mortgage

When looking to buy a property for your business it is important to be fully prepared prior to making key decisions. Along with choosing the right location, having a deposit in place, and finding a specific building that fits your criteria, budget, and capacity, it is vital that you understand what is expected from you. […]

Applying for a Commercial Loan

At First4Commercial we are geared towards helping companies within a wide range of sectors and industries to achieve both short-term and long-term company goals through access to, often crucial, commercial finance and bridging loans. We have helped companies within the following sectors with commercial loans: Commercial Sector Professional Sector Leisure Sector Retail Industry Agricultural & […]
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