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Attractive Interest Rates Changing the Nature of Bridging Loans

Giving Borrowers More Breathing Space The effect is most notably seen within the bridging loan industry. Traditionally, bridging loans have been viewed as very short term arrangements, simply bbridging the gapb between house purchase and house sale, but recent statistics are suggesting that bridging loans have evolved and are now no longer the short term […]

The History of P2P

Quasi-Banking Of course, the concept of P2P lending has been around since the beginning of time. Perhaps the earliest example of record comes from ancient Mesopotamia were bquasi-bankingb was a common activity. While quasi-banking has come to have many different meanings, in this sense it was used to refer to the act of banking without […]

Why Itbs OK to Consider Smaller Loans

Smaller, short term loans – typically amounts of less than B#5,000 and borrowed for a period of up to 3 months – are traditionally thought of as being quite illogical from the borrowerbs perspective. These smaller loans often comes with much higher interest rates than their larger counterparts, with some high street banks charging up […]

Should You Use a Personal Loan to Bridge the Gap?

When looking at combining personal loans with bridging finance, there are two important questions to ask. The first is bcan I use a personal loan to bridge the gap?b – the answer is yes, assuming the lender is aware of the intended use and the purpose falls within an accepted category. The second is bshould […]

Financing for Growing Businesses

The good news for the commercial sector is that business lending is consistently on the rise, with not only peer-to-peer lending making a difference, but also traditional banks who are being swayed into approving greater numbers of applications due to the ongoing recovery of the economy and a boosted confidence in continued growth. According to […]

Top Three Considerations When Purchasing A Buy-To-Let

Do I like the house Will it make me money Can we afford to buy it? Those are not the three considerations webre covering here. Webre diving deeper to look get an alternative angle on your buy-to-let decision-making process. Stick to your Neighbourhood or go Further Afield? Although it may feel comforting to be just […]

Options Available To Finance Your Business Dreams

Have you found the business of your dreams, but lack the cash to pay for it? Letbs take a look at your financing options. The Traditional Route: The Bank Most small businesses turn to their local bank for a loan. The bank wonbt fund the full investment though. They will typically offer around 60% of […]

Is Buy To Let The Right Investment Vehicle For You?

The logic seems sound. Buy a second house, rent it out, use the payments to repay the mortgage, and in 25 years time you will own a second property outright. But is a buy-to-let investment really that straightforward, and how can you tell if itbs the right investment for you? BTL Is Ideal For… If […]

How A Bridging Loan Can Smooth The Property Purchase Process

Bridging loans can be a quick and easy way to plug a short-term financial hole. But when should you be using one and what are the factors you need to consider before completing the application form? Bridging The Gap Between Money Out And Money In A bridging loan is a short-term financing solution. It is […]

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