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Compare bridging loans and bridging finance

Compare bridging loans and bridging finance

We have access to over 50+ bridging lenders in the UK bridging loan and bridging finance market. By using our unique relationships with these lenders and a unique piece of sourcing software we can trawl the lender market for you to save you both time and money. We will also make sure you are getting the right deal from the outset.

Our aim is that we provide you with a FREE no-obligation quotation that cannot be beaten anywhere else in the market. We are able to offer bridging loans for a number of reasons from chain breaks (purchasing a property whilst waiting for existing property to sell) as well as other reasons like repaying HMRC tax bills, raising short term finance for any legal reason.

We are able to offer first, second and third charge bridging loans on residential and commercial properties anywhere in the UK (Not NI).

Contact us to make sure you are getting the best deal in the market, TODAY.

To find out more contact the team on 01277 620083 or use the contact form on the website.


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Adverse credit commercial mortgages

Adverse credit commercial mortgages

We are currently seeing more and more clients who are unable to access ‘High Street’ commercial mortgage rates due to adverse credit histories. This can be from some missed credit card payments due to an oversight right up to CCJ’s or missed mortgage payments. are able to help in these circumstances. We are able to offer clients non-status commercial mortgages with lenders who do not necessarily worry about the adverse credit history of a client. We are also able to offer this to clients who can’t prove enough income for mortgage purposes, this allows a “self-cert” approach to the commercial mortgage market for certain customers.

As you would expect these non-status mortgages attract higher rates of interest than the normal ‘High Street’ rates available, however this is simply to offset the additional risks to the lender.

Non-status commercial mortgages are available to all sectors including pubs, hotels and restaurants to land (with or without planning permission) or factory units.

Please feel free to contact the team for a FREE no obligation quotation, this will provide you with the rates, fees and terms available in a clear, easy to understand format. Allowing you to make your decision on the next step . . .


To find out more contact the team on 01277 620083 or use the contact form on the website.


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Personal loans up to £25,000

Personal loans up to £25,000 are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer clients a direct application for personal loans up to £25,000. We have a great relationship with a peer to peer lender who are able to provide very competitive rates and very low overall fees to all our clients.

Product criteria and highlightsf4c

  • Loans are available from £1,000 up to £25,000
  • Applicants can be home owners or tenants
  • A clean credit history is required
  • No CCJ’s or defaults
  • Minimum income is £14,500 per annum
  • Min age 24
  • Maximum age is 72 (At the time of application)
  • Terms of up to 5 years
  • No early repayment charges, loans can be repaid at any time without penalty
  • Very competitive rates, beating the high street banks in most cases
  • No geographic restrictions lending available throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Simply go to and complete our online application for an instant decision. Once approved money can be in your account within hours.


To find out more contact the team on 01277 620083 or use the contact form on the website.

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refer a friend campaign has launched its 2013 refer a friend campaign.f4c

This campaign is the latest in a long run of customer focused incentive schemes from first4commercial. Throughout 2013 any existing or historic customers that refer a friend or family member, for commercial or bridging finance, will be rewarded with a £250 Amazon voucher; once that referral has progressed to completion.

The friend or family member also receives a £250 off voucher which is deducted from any broker fee charged. There isn’t a cap on the number of referrals made or the vouchers received. first4commercial always guarantee great customer service, low fees and the right advice to all clients and this latest offering just re-confirms their ongoing to commitment to client satisfaction.

Zero landscape

This refer a friend scheme can also be used in conjunction with the ongoing Zero commitment fee incentive which due to popular demand has been extended until end of June 2013.


CLICK HERE for full details and printable voucher


To find out more contact the team on 01277 620083 or use the contact form on the website.

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Cheap bridging finance –

Cheap bridging finance? Is it a myth?

Is there such a thing as cheap bridging finance? Bridging finance has a reputation for being a very expensive form of finance and as such a lot of people are put off using it. Here at we try to give all customers and introducers the “full picture” when you look at the costs associated with bridging finance. Sometimes the headline rate is not always the main concern.

There are certain lenders who will offer great headline rates of 0.75% per month but these sort of rates are normally only available for low Loan To Value (LTV) transactions or for customers with good credit histories. Behind these headline rates can lurk some very expensive exit penalties, completion fees and legal fees to name a few. We will take a look at industry standard fees and what you could expect to pay*

Completion fees: These tend to be priced the same across the board, normally 2%. Some lenders will charge a minimum fee to cover smaller loan amounts of say £50k you could expect a fee of circa £1500.

Legal fees: These vary widely across the industry and can be as little as £500 up to several thousand depending on the loan amount and the different lenders

Valuation fees: These also vary greatly from lender to lender and are obviously in accordance with property values. Some brokers will try to add “hidden fees” to valuation fees to make more of a mark up on the prices.

Broker fees: Fees charged by brokers really do have large variations across the industry and I have heard of some brokers charging fees of several thousand pounds upfront before anything has been achieved. Here at first4commercial we charge a simple flat fee of 1% of the loan amount or £999 for loans below £100k. This way we know that everyone is treated the same across the board. Our fee is also negotiable for loans over £500k.

Exit penalties: Some lenders do not charge any exit fees. Typically one months interest is quite normal, however some lenders will insist on higher percentages or have a minimum interest charge of say three months. will try and find you the best product to suit your needs and will always try to deliver the cheapest rates and fees available on the market. We feel that sometimes if you need to guarantee completion in a set timescale then the difference of 0.25% per month to achieve this would be worth the sacrifice rather than incur large penalties from auction houses etc for over-running.

Cheap isn’t always best and a holistic approach to bridging finance is required to make sure you get what you need, which ultimately is your main goal. We believe that sometimes using a lender or product to save a few pounds can be a false economy as in the long run could costs you hundreds if not handled correctly.

*These fees are to be used for illustrative purposes only and each case is priced individually according to circumstances.

To find out more contact the team on 01277 620083 or use the contact form on the website.

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Customer service is at the heart of all we do at

We are strong believers that good customer service goes a long way and we use this philosophy in everything we do at

From our FREE, open and completely transparent Heads of Terms illustrations on every enquiry to telling the truth to all clients even if this means they do not use us for their business.

We have had many instances where a client has contacted us for a certain type of finance and we have recommended a cheaper option for them but that also meant referring them to another financial institution to complete this business.

We feel that the right advice at the start of an enquiry is imperative and at first4commercial we aren’t trying to earn money from every client possible, we feel that by simply helping clients with great advice and pointing them in the right direction will help keep first4commercial in their minds in the future.

“There’s nothing more frustrating than . . . getting an answerphone”

Always contactable on the phone, email or fax and with our website, Facebook page and Twitter account regularly monitored, we try to keep in touch with clients and introducers on a regular basis. We are even on Skype which means the calls are FREE. Keeping them posted on the progress of their application or to check everything is progressing well for a speedy completion. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find out what is happening with your application and constantly getting an answerphone or “the office closes at 5pm”.

We are open from 8am until 8pm Monday to Friday and even take calls at weekends.

We constantly strive to improve on what we do, as no one is perfect, but we feel that certainly delivers on great customer service and great advice. Add to this our competitive fee structure and you are on your way to a stress free experience handled by professionals.

To find out more contact the team on 01277 620083 or use the contact form on the website.

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17Aug2012 are full NACFB members are proud to be full members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) and have been for 2 years now. Our advisers are also fully qualified* and have many years experience.





We feel that by being full members with the NACFB we can provide our clients and introducer’s with peace of mind. By knowing that we adhere to their strict codes of conduct means that we are able to achieve the high standards of customer service and the transparency required when dealing with a commercial finance broker.

In all cases we provide a FREE no obligation quotation providing our clients with a full breakdown of the expected costs and fees involved. This gives our clients the right information in which to make an informed decision when comparing our quotations with others. is against all forms of commercial mortgage fraud from upfront fee fraud to more complex mortgage fraud. By being full members of the NACFB we are able to raise the profile of the commercial mortgage broker and hope that fellow members do the same. This is vital to build trust in our industry and provide clients with the best advice available.

By being part of a large group of like-minded fellow professionals we are able to offer exclusive rates and unrivaled knowledge to SME’s along with the first class customer service you have come to expect from

 In addition to this we are also  members of the Association of Bridging Professionals (AOBP).     Providing the right advice for all our bridging finance enquiries too.


Contact us today for further information.
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*Minimum qualification Certificate in Commercial Mortgages (CeCM)


Non status commercial mortgages

Non status commercial mortgages


We are extremely pleased to announce a new non status commercial lender on our panel. This gives our clients, with either adverse credit or those unable to prove income, a source of funding in a very difficult market. We have always had a non status lender on panel however we found them to be unreliable and inconsistent in their lending approach which made us very hesitant to recommend them to our clients.

Acceptable security includes, commercial property, semi-commercial property and residential investment properties. This is secured on a first charge basis up to a maximum of 65% of the 90-day value (forced sale value) of the property. Money is available for purchase or refinance and also with or without capital raising. The fees associated with this finance are very low when compared to like-for-like lenders and as you would expect from the service provided to clients is second to none.

Unfortunately the non status finance is not available to the following types of property/transaction:

  •       Land only transactions
  •       Farms
  •       Development or property conversions
  •       Leasehold property where the lease has less than 60 years to expiry
  •       Owner occupied residential property
  •       Any other transaction deemed to be regulated by the FSA.


Although this may preclude some customers with this particular lender will be able to secure finance for these clients with a suitable alternative.

New business start ups with no previous experience are a great niche for this lender as most high street banks and other lending institutions will insist on experience or accounts before providing funding. We are able to secure the funding for the clients and can look at a refinance onto lower more mainstream/high street rates in 2-3 years once the clients have the relevant experience and accounting information available. There are NO early redemption penalties on this product for the first 5 years so no danger of incurring another large fee during the process.

If you add to all the above the great SPECIAL OFFER of a zero commitment fee from we can guarantee great service, great products and very low costs to each and every customer regardless of their credit history or lack of income proof which wasn’t always the case in the past.


Contact us for more information on how we can help you today!!!
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London Olympics 2012 – SPECIAL OFFER

London Olympics 2012 – SPECIAL OFFER

To celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London 2012 we have reduced our upfront commitment fee of £295.00 to zero. That’s right you didn’t mis-read this £0.00

This will also leave you with extra money in your pocket to enjoy the London 2012 Games, why not take advantage of the Summer weather that has finally arrived in the UK. We know times are tough on customers what with the recession and budget austerity so we felt that by reducing the fees required to get your case underway with would help ease the burden too.

You will still receive FREE, NO-OBLIGATION quotations for all new enquiries submitted to As usual you will continue to receive the first class service you’d expect from us. Just because our fees have been reduced does not mean our clients will receive any less from us. We will continue to provide clear, transparent advice to all of our clients and introducers.

Bridging finance, Commercial loans, Factoring, Asset Finance and all other aspects of commercial finance are available from We strive to find the best rates and terms on the market for our customers, providing clear advice on the most suitable options available.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you today!!!

Colchicums, The Vale, Stock, Ingatestone, Essex CM4 9PW

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Race Across America 2012

Race Across America 2012 – Blog update

The team are all back in the UK following the Race Across America 2012. Unfortunately Chris was unable to complete the race due to an error made in the race time calculations. Chris and the team were battling 40+ degree heat in the Californian deserts in the first two days of the race and were clocking up a good time.



Due to a timing error, Chris was told that he needed to increase the pace at which he was riding. The pace was increased to approximately 18-20 mph, which in the desert heat soon took it’s toll. It was at this point that the heat got a bit too much for him. He had unfortunately managed to get himself dehydrated by not taking on enough fluids due to the increased work rate. Because of this he had to stop to receive medical attention from the support crew. Whilst stopped to recover the team were working out how long Chris had to make the next checkpoint, they had calculated that he wouldn’t now make the next time check point and as such he should withdraw from the race. Although extremely disappointed, Chris took on this advice and withdrew from the race.


Only after the formal withdrawal was it realised that the calculations were some 12 hours out and he had in fact had ample time to make the next checkpoint and all the extra ehxaustion was in vain. As you can imagine he and the team were bitterly disappointed after all the hard work and preparations. They decided to carry on with the route set out even if they were no longer in the race so that at least he could provide some good photos for his sponsors jerseys going across America.


 3,000 miles in 10 days across 12 states

300 miles a day burning up to 18,000 calories

5 hours sleep and on the saddle for 17+ hours a day to achieve the target distance

170,000 feet – Total climb across the course



After a lot of thought Chris has decided that he will once again take on the Race Across America but probably not for a couple of years to allow him to get together a good team and the support and sponsorship necessary to make it a successful second attempt. We would like to congratulate Chris on his great British spirit by carrying on regardless and wish him all the luck in his next attempt.


      Well done Chris!

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