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Tips to Running a Successful Small Business

For any business to be successful it has to fulfil a few key concepts. Developing and implementing these key business strategies will allow you to have a strong foundation for your business to grow, with the framework from which you can scale effectively as you progress. The first thing to consider is planning. It is […]

The Benefits of Invoice Discounting for Your Business

Invoice discounting is a form of business financing where outstanding invoices from your sales ledger are exchanged for a cash advance. The funding can be used to help a business with current cashflow, or to fund other important items and services that could not wait until an outstanding invoice is paid in full. When the […]

Importance of Financing for a Business

Business financing is a vital part of any company story. In order to build strong foundations for any business there is a requirement of funding, and when you attempt to scale as a company grows the funding solutions become even more important. Make a mis-step at any stage with funding and it can have drastic […]

How to Give Your Struggling Business the Best Chance

Owning a business can be tough at the best of times, but when you are going through a sticky patch and the business is struggling a little bit it can be hard to see where the light at the end of the tunnel is. There are ways in which you can seek assistance and put […]

Growing Effectively as a SME with a Bridging Loan

Running a SME is a delicate balancing act at all times. As the company grows, so to does the need for extra employees, more equipment, a higher standard of equipment and processes, and finance to achieve all of those things. It can be difficult to achieve steady and effective growth as a small business, but […]

What is Invoice Discounting?

Invoice discounting offers an alternative solution to those seeking short-term commercial finance. If you are suffering as a small and growing company to receive payments from invoices, invoice discounting provides instant access to the cash tied up in those outstanding invoices. It is a facility that can adapt and change with your company, allowing you […]

Benefits of a Non-Status Commercial Loan

A short-term non-status commercial loan is a flexiblecommercial financing option for small businesses that are struggling to securefinancing from traditional lenders. They can be taken out over a period of between12 months and 5 years and provide a quick response to a short-term problem for businesses. So, when might you be in a position that […]

Completing Home Refurbishment Projects with a Loan

If you run a home property refurbishment company, or fancy your hand at developing homes to be rented out or sold on for profit, there will always be a question of how you finance those projects. For some people, home refurbishment is just a way to improve the home that he or she lives in, […]

Growing a Business with the Help of a Loan

Purchasing Equipment b Whatever industry you are in you will need equipment for staff members to use. Once a business grows you might need to upgrade to the latest technology and software, or buy new items for an ever-expanding team. Renovation and Refurbishment b If you own your business premises there will come a time […]

Covering Cashflow When Waiting for Customer Payments

Take on New Customers with Confidence b You can take on brand new customers, once you have gone through your personalised vetting processes, and understand that in the worst-case scenario you are covered. Taking on new clients is critical to grow as a company, but you have to be sure that they are good payers […]
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