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Become a Commercial Introducer with First4Commercial

01277 620 083, or by emailing We can help on a single-case basis, or put together an agreement that covers a wide range of instances and clients.]]>

Reasons to Seek Out a Bridging Loan

Refurbishment of a Property b In some cases a newly purchased property will require significant refurbishment work to take place before it is completed and fit for habitation. A bridging loan can help fund the purchase of materials, equipment and specialist tradespeople before you sell on the property. Cover Unexpected Employment Bills b As more […]

Expand Your Business Operations with Bridging Finance

Expansion into brand new offices to accommodate influx of new employees Adaptations to existing workspace to accommodate new employees Purchase of much needed equipment and machinery Hire specialist staff for an overhaul of company training As long as you have a strong business plan in place, and can use your commercial premises as security, we […]

Securing a Large Commercial Mortgage with First4Commercial

Large agricultural projects Large-scale construction and development projects Expansion within the leisure industry Multi-occupation office space for commercial needs Retail space, from single occupier to large multi-tenant buildings The legal and professional sector Whereas a business might wish to take out a small commercial loan at certain times during the initial stages of a business, […]

How a Personal Loan is a Great Alternative to Using a Credit Card

Make a One off Payment with Ease b A personal loan is a fantastic way to make that single payment for a large item that you need. Whether it is for an emergency situation, a home refurbishment, to purchase transportation or other opportunities, a personal loan can help you make that payment fast, build up […]
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