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Bridging Loans from £5,000+ with First4Commercial

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At First4Commercial we believe in providing our customers with the chance to succeed immediately, and not to be hindered by the stumbling block of a lack of cash for a few days or weeks. There are countless projects that require immediate assistance in the form of a bridging loan, and we offer commercial bridging loans starting from £5,000 to our customers.

In many cases, a bridging loan service could be the difference between successfully completing a transaction to purchase a property for development or missing out completely, or to clear business debts in order to steer clear of bankruptcy as opposed to losing a business to insolvency.

The speed of our £5k bridging loan service is what makes it most appealing to our customers. We can help you secure a financial package with a fast turnaround when you compare us with other, more traditional lending sources. If you are searching for bridging finance, the likelihood is that you haven’t got weeks and months to work through loan application processes in order to secure funds. We can give you an answer within a short timeframe, offering bridging finance with rates as little as 0.45% per month.

As long as you can provide us with clear information about your exit strategy on the project and have that route to pay us back within a set period of time, we can put together a package of bridging finance to help you in most situations that require a jumpstart whilst other financial solutions are being finalised.

For more information about the First4Commercial service and specifically about our bridging finance product from £5,000, call us on 01277 620083 or email


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