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Building Small Businesses with a Bridging Loan

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It can be a complex process to acquire bridging finance when operating a small and growing business within any industry. If you are searching for some financial assistance with which to build your company and move on to the next phase of your growth our expert team at First4Commercial can help you find the right type of bridging finance for your specific needs.

In many cases, with the difficult financial climate of the last decade, a small business will struggle to find a traditional High Street lending source for a commercial bridging loan. At certain points in the roadmap of a successful business there will be times where cashflow is a struggle in order to pay wages and bills, and times where you need that extra bit of cash to push through an expansion or to take on new equipment, machinery and staff.

Bridging finance is a way to alleviate short-term financial problems and to plug the financial gap that can get them through to a period where future funds are definitely going to be available. Without this type of assistance a small business can suffer. With an injection of capital in the form of a bridging loan can give you breathing space when the next set of invoices are due to be paid soon, providing a stable foundation from which to continue business growth.

Our finance specialists at First4Commercial have all the information you require to help you acquire a commercial bridging loan as a small business owner. Call us on 01277 620083 or email


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