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A Brief Guide to Commercial Bridging Loans

A bridging loan for commercial principles is funding secured to literally ‘bridge’ the gap that often occurs between the property transfer process beginning and the final transaction taking place. It ensures that the purchasing party does not miss out on a desired property. There are a couple of reasons that are traditionally behind the reason for commercial bridging loans being acquired by a business owner.

The first reason that bridging loans are required for many is if there is a chain of property involved. This is something that is often referred to in residential properties, but is equally valid when discussing the purchase of commercial property also. Another reason that commercial bridging loans are required is when new business premises are being funded by the sale of another building. The loan allows the purchase to go through whilst the funds are released from the sale of the other commercial property.

Without the assistance of commercial bridging loans for the purpose of securing work premises for a business, many transactions would fall through due to a lack of funding, or delays in property chains that so often take place.

If you are interested in talking to a team of dedicated bridging loans specialists, with a view to purchasing a commercial property, contact First4Commercial today. We have the skills, the know-how and the experience to help you secure funding for your dream commercial move. Call our team on 01277 620083 and we’ll be happy to offer you advice and guidance.


Becoming a Commercial Introducer with First4Commercial

At First4Commercial we are always looking at ways in which our clients can benefit from other services and how we can help a broader audience. If you believe that our services are perfect for your clients, why not speak to us about becoming one of our chosen commercial introducers?

A commercial introducer through First4Commercial will become a trusted member of the wider team, earning competitive commission rates and working within an environment that is beneficial not only for you and us, but also for the sake of your clients.

What are the benefits you can expect to experience as a First4Commercial introducer?

The first thing is that we really do offer a competitive structure of commission. Nothing is hidden and we’ll be clear with the payments you can expect to receive from us when you first sign an agreement with us. The service agreement we have developed allows you to focus on the aspects of your business that you are skilled at, allowing us to provide the expertise in areas that we understand. This can drastically reduce the workload for you and your clients, improving the all-round service.

As we mentioned, we have built a trusting environment that benefits all parties, and with that in mind we can guarantee that we’ll never cross-sell to your clients, as we want to work with you for the long-term. You can be involved with the process as much, or as little as you want to be and throughout our collaboration we believe in clear communication and fast decisions and quotes.

For more information about the benefits of becoming a commercial introducer with us, contact our friendly team, who can explain how your customers can benefit from our relationship.


Perfect Time to Remortgage with Hint of Interest Rate Rise

There have been suggestions from a member of the Bank of England’s rate-setting committee that there could be an increase in interest rates in the next few months, a change that would have an impact on those individuals seeking a mortgage, or negotiating a remortgage of their existing property.

What would a rise in interest rates mean for those who wish to invest in property?

It actually might mean that right now is the perfect time to invest in your property portfolio, before repayments become higher. Fixed-rate mortgages are at their most popular ever, mainly due to the fact that many of them are of a good value.

Use this uncertain time prior to any increase in interest rates to seek out either a remortgage of your property, or a new mortgage, taking on-board a fixed rate for a certain period of time, that will ensure you are unaffected by any increase in rates that comes in the next few months.

If you are looking for some advice and guidance in relation to investing in residential or commercial properties, First4Commercial have the experienced team to help you get to where you need to be. We have the knowledge and skills to provide bridging loans and commercial capital to get the job done, adding to your portfolio or providing finance as you remortgage a property.

For more information, contact our team today on 01277 620083 and we’ll be happy to help. The uncertainty of future interest rate increases by the Bank of England actually make today the best time to look into a new fixed-rate mortgage, our team can guide you through the entire process.


Securing Auction Loans for a New Property Purchase

In much the same way that a traditional bridging loan is used to help a buyer purchase a property that they need completed within a fast timeframe, a commercial auction loan helps to finalise a transaction in a scenario that has a number of nuances and strict criteria when compared to traditional property purchases.

One big difference between a traditional property transaction, and that of an auction purchase is that a deposit is required almost immediately after your bid has been accepted. That is why it is important to have in place your auction finance prior to entering the auction room.

In an auction room it is expected that the buyer be in a financial position to put down a 10% deposit immediately, with a strict timeframe for the remainder of the purchase funds to be provided, up to 20 days in most cases. It is during this period that commercial auction finance can be of great benefit should you be waiting on funds from other sources but wish to complete the transaction as quickly as possible.

If you are tempted to venture into the auction market to find a dream property, of either a residential or a commercial nature, do not go in under prepared. Contact the First4Commercial team today on 01277 620083 and we’ll be happy to talk through the entire auction process, what to look out for and expect, and how with our experience and skills you can be ready to fund purchase of a property at auction with the help of a bridging loan.


Investing in Buy-to-Let Properties – What to Look Out For

Mortgage rates and bridging finance continue to work together in such a way that purchasing property for the purposes of buy-to-let is still an attractive option for many an investor. If you are looking to get into the marketplace, and you have a deposit ready to go there are a few things that you should be looking out for that will help you secure a property that is perfect to let out.

Do Your Research – Of course this sounds straightforward but it is vital that you research all aspects of a potential purchase thoroughly. Work out your financial situation down to the penny, what can you afford for a deposit? And what would you want as a return on your investment? Look at all the risks and benefits of this approach and choose the location of the property so that there is a good balance between good value and a nice area to live.

Put Yourself in a Renters Mindset – This will help you to choose the area that you are purchasing a property in, as well as the type of property. If you were renting, what would you want the place to look like and where would the ideal location be?

Focus on Rental Yield – If you have researched effectively and thought like a tenant, you can focus on bringing in a good rental yield on the property. Even if your end goal is to sell the property, rent in the short-to-medium-term can help you to build some savings.

For more information about bridging finance to secure a property for buy-to-let purposes, contact First4Commercial. Our experienced team has access to a wide range of bridging finance lenders.


Using a Bridging Loan as a Short Term Financing Option

Bridging loans are an excellent way to secure short term financing options when you are faced with a situation where you are reliant on money coming in from another source at a slightly later date. First4Commercial has a bridging panel with a wide variety of experts, offering bridging loans to not only those with a clean credit history, but also to individuals who may have a poor debt history and an adverse credit score. In these circumstances where a gap needs to be bridged financially, we can really help all situations.

So what are the reasons someone might be looking for a short-term bridging finance?

The majority of bridging finance deals come about due to a need to complete a property acquisition, whether this is to develop the property, invest in it or to use as a buy-to-let. Bridging finance is perfect for developers and landlords looking for a rapid turnaround on a sale. It also helps those people who have already found a new property to move into, but are waiting for their current property to be sold and need short-term funds to do so.

If you would like to find out more about First4Commercial and how we can help you secure that much-needed short-term funding that will help you complete a transaction in terms of a property purchase at auction, or for a refurbishment project, call us today. Our team of bridging finance specialists are here to help, with a vast knowledge of the products and services that will assist you at your time of need.


Non-Status Bridging Finance

First4Commercial has a wide range of bridging finance lenders on our bridging panel and with that we can offer loan and credit options to a wider range of clients, from those with a clean credit history or low loan as a percentage against the value of their property (LTV), to clients that have adverse credit and a poor credit history and may have suffered when applying for loans from traditional lending routes.

In most cases a bridging loan is required to ensure that a transaction can be completed within a short timeframe. The most common reasons for a bridging loan application is to secure property (often at auction), or for refurbishment and renovation projects. If a person has poor credit it might slow the process down and lose them their future asset.

That’s where we step in, offering competitive rates without the requirement of a clean bill of health on your credit file. As long as the property in question has enough equity and you are showing willing in terms of getting out of debt, we can help secure a short-term loan to help finalise the transaction.

If you would like to find out more information about bridging loans for a variety of reasons, and if you have a clean credit file or bad credit and are finding traditional lending avenues difficult to come by, First4Commercial has the team in place to assist you.


Bridging Loans Increase Significantly With Latest Figures

Bridging loan activity in the UK has increased by a staggering 26% quarterly rise, up to £150.1m, according to data from Bridging Trends. The increase does seem to suggest that lenders across the board are beginning to brush off the worries in the market post Brexit and the recent General Election.

Average loan-to-value levels dropped to a 45.4% low for the lowest quarter since Q1 2015, and mortgage delays continue to be near the top of the list of reasons bridging loans are being taken out at 25%.

The increased lending figures are particularly high in the non-regulated refurbishment market and the demand for this type of specialist bridging finance remains at a high figure. Refurbishment projects have now replaced delayed mortgages as the main reason for bridging finance, the first time this has happened, dominating the market at 53.9%. The increase has come at a time when non-regulated transactions have helped to push down the average completion time to 39 days, with many property professionals always eager to complete a project as soon as possible in order to quickly move on to the next purchase.

First4Commercial has the team and connections in place to help you secure bridging finance for both commercial and residential purposes. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, call us today on 01277 620083 and we’ll be happy to talk you through the process and offer expert advice and guidance.


High Value Bridging Loans for the Professional Sector

First4Commercial offers high value bridging loans for the professional sector, offering advice, guidance and financial assistance to help a business grow and reach its potential. For those within the professional sector it is important to have a high quality appearance and a high-value bridging loan can be used for a number of reasons to maintain this appearance to customers, whilst helping a company grow.

First4Commercial has the experience to help a wide range of individual practitioners and companies within the professional sector. We have previously been able to assist solicitors, doctors, dentists, accountants and vets with high value bridging loans, up to 100% the value of their commercial property as security. This can be made available by raising the required deposit on any existing properties that those companies or individuals own.

A large commercial bridging loan can be taken out up to 100% of the value of the commercial property as security, with First4Commercial offering a flexible approach in order to help as many clients as possible where additional security is required.

As a company within the professional sector grows there will be a requirement to either enlarge the existing property or to move to larger premises. Other changes in the business relate to the hiring and training of new staff, as well as the purchasing and implementation of new equipment and technology.

If you would like to find out more information about a high-value bridging loan for the professional sector, contact the First4Commercial team today.


Bridging Loan Rates from 0.45%

Bridging finance offers a fast and effective way to secure a residential or commercial property that is not already fully mortgaged. In some cases you’ll need to act quickly and decisively to ensure you complete the purchase on a commercial transaction or residential property and First4Commercial can assist you with a fast bridging loan, from as little as 0.45% per month, in most cases.

There are a number of legal reasons why a bridging loan is required. This can include extra finance to help complete a purchase transaction on a property whilst the larger mortgage application is processed. They are handy for refurbishment projects that have a clear sale price in mind in the not too distant future, or for similar development projects where investors are regularly looking to purchase properties at auction.

Whatever your reason for needing financial assistance in the form of a bridging loan what we ask is that you have an exit route that can clearly be demonstrated prior to us agreeing to helping. This exit strategy can be the sale of a property that is currently on the market, or another source of funding, that allows you to pay back the short-term loan. In most scenarios First4Commercial is able to help.

To find out more about how First4Commercial can help you with a fast-acting bridging loan from as little as 0.45% per month, contact our customer service team today and they’ll be happy to assist you. Our specialist team understand the industry and we can talk through your specific situation, helping you put together a plan of action that allows you to secure your project whilst waiting for further funds to become available.

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