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Commercial mortgages
Commercial Office Space Leisure Industry Investment and Development Opportunities Agricultural and Rural Projects Retail Ventures Professional Sector A commercial mortgage is usually necessary once a business loan has finished, with figures over B#25,000 usually requiring security in the form of a commercial property in order to reduce the risk to the lender. A commercial mortgage […]
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Low Monthly Payments b When compared to the repayment option you are likely to be paying a lot less per month with an interest only mortgage. This allows you to put aside the amount required at the end of the agreement period. Lump Incomes b For some business owners you know that youbll be receiving […]
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Capital Gains b Purchasing commercial property can offer substantial capital gain. It is a great way to realise capital growth over a longer period of time as the valuation increases. Lower Interest Rates b You can typically find lower rates of interest than with an unsecured agreement. A fixed monthly payment on your commercial mortgage […]
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Most Outstanding Independent Commercial Finance Specialist b Corporate Livewire Awards Best Commercial Finance Broker 2015 b UK b Acquisition International Awards Best Independent Commercial Mortgage Brokers 2015 b Real Estate & Property Awards We are very proud to be recognised for the hard work and dedication we provide to every client. With our FREE no-obligation […]
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