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Race Across America 2012

Race Across America 2012 – Blog update

The team are all back in the UK following the Race Across America 2012. Unfortunately Chris was unable to complete the race due to an error made in the race time calculations. Chris and the team were battling 40+ degree heat in the Californian deserts in the first two days of the race and were clocking up a good time.



Due to a timing error, Chris was told that he needed to increase the pace at which he was riding. The pace was increased to approximately 18-20 mph, which in the desert heat soon took it’s toll. It was at this point that the heat got a bit too much for him. He had unfortunately managed to get himself dehydrated by not taking on enough fluids due to the increased work rate. Because of this he had to stop to receive medical attention from the support crew. Whilst stopped to recover the team were working out how long Chris had to make the next checkpoint, they had calculated that he wouldn’t now make the next time check point and as such he should withdraw from the race. Although extremely disappointed, Chris took on this advice and withdrew from the race.


Only after the formal withdrawal was it realised that the calculations were some 12 hours out and he had in fact had ample time to make the next checkpoint and all the extra ehxaustion was in vain. As you can imagine he and the team were bitterly disappointed after all the hard work and preparations. They decided to carry on with the route set out even if they were no longer in the race so that at least he could provide some good photos for his sponsors jerseys going across America.


 3,000 miles in 10 days across 12 states

300 miles a day burning up to 18,000 calories

5 hours sleep and on the saddle for 17+ hours a day to achieve the target distance

170,000 feet – Total climb across the course



After a lot of thought Chris has decided that he will once again take on the Race Across America but probably not for a couple of years to allow him to get together a good team and the support and sponsorship necessary to make it a successful second attempt. We would like to congratulate Chris on his great British spirit by carrying on regardless and wish him all the luck in his next attempt.


      Well done Chris!



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