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EU Directive for Buy to Let mortgages

EU Directive Could Change Buy to Let Opportunities

Tougher new mortgage lending rules set up as part of the Government’s plans to adhere to the European Mortgage Credit Directive will mean that buy-to-let borrowers could face a tougher time obtaining buy-to-let finance from 2016.

As things stand currently, buy-to-let mortgages are not subject to the same regulations that apply to mainstream, owner-occupier mortgages. Those over 65 for example are able to apply for buy-to-let mortgages, and the mortgages themselves are available on an interest-only basis.

The new regulations are designed to target those who become ‘accidental landlords.’ This is defined as someone who has become a landlord through circumstance rather than design. This for instance, could be a person who intends to let a property they have previously used as their home or to rent a home that they have inherited.

The regulations have arisen because landlords have always been generally viewed as ‘business’ borrowers, needing little supervision, whereas owner-occupiers who find themselves letting, are deemed ‘consumers.’ The Treasury has stated that accidental landlords have not made the business decision to purchase a property to rent it out. As such, they are seen as not acting in a business capacity, and therefore require regulation. As a result, it’s thought that as a result buy-to-let borrowers will have to pass more compliance tests and jump through more hoops in order to borrow.

EU Member States are able to choose not to apply the entire Directive to bridging loans, so unless the UK decides to apply the directive to bridging finance, this should remain unaffected.

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Business Loans

What you need to ask when applying for a business loan

Business loans can often be complex and very daunting. There is so much information to take in and some of it you may not know about. Before applying for a business loan, it is recommended to prepare a few questions to ask, just to make the process a lot easier.

  • The Specific Terms of the Loan

Before finally agreeing on the price, it can be easy for both parties to misunderstand the final terms. Ask for a recap of the terms, how long you will have until you need to pay it back, minimal payments and exact dates of these payments. Also find out if you can set up an automatic payment from your business account. Ensuring you have these basic details defined and understood will save you hassle.

  •  Likelihood of Approval

Understanding how the bank approves loans is always an advantage. Once you find out the requirements, you can prepare yourself in the eventuality of being questioned about credit scores.


  • Does business experience factor into the risk equation?

Business experience can help in the credit decision. In the end, the decision will lie on your credit score, collateral and cash flow. If you do not have any of these, then the experience will not make a difference.

  • What happens if a default occurs?

Knowing the ramifications if a default occurs will help you prepare in the event that situation happens. Emphasise that you do not foresee a problem, but it is better to know how long a payment can be overdue before the bank starts to collect. Ask them what happens in the event of a missed payment.

  •   Who do I contact for further questions?

This is always important to know. The representatives selling you the loan might not be your point of contact. Get the contact details for future questions.

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NACFB Compliance Service Facility

New Compliance Service Facility unveiled by NACFB at Commercial Finance Expo

On June 25th, the NACFB revealed a new service that is available to its 1200 members. The aim of the service is to provide support through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) applications and regulations process around the new Consumer Credit Act.

Adam Taylor, NACFB Chief Executive has said “The new service to members is being offered below the normal cost and will include a full application assistance package”

The service will offer several seminars and workshops aimed to help assist commercial brokers with their FCA applications and to ensure that during the interim period, they do not break any FCA rules.

“It is important that we help members comply with the new FCA regulations” said a spokesperson for the NACFB.

Other services will include an audit and will be supported by the NACFBs four patrons; Shawbrook Bank, Investec, Aldermore and Close Brothers Asset Finance.
The process will begin with seminars in which members of the NACFB can attend for free but requires for non-members to sign up for the NACFB  to get the package.
The association has already provided the first presentation of new software at the NACFB Commercial Expo that was held on the June 25th. Members also had the opportunity to meet and discuss with experts what lies in store for the future.
The service will continue to run workshops from July to August and is the first step in providing support for NACFB members. The event will continue to be held at Birmingham’s NEC.

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Bridging loans

Bridging loans – Let first4commercial compare the market for you! Over 70+ lenders.

Bridging loans or bridging finance can be used in a variety of ways aside from the usual chain-break scenarios. Bridging loans have fast become one of the quickest and most reliable forms of finance for those who require speed or flexibility. Speed is the most common reason for using bridging finance and this is when it comes into its own. We assist lots of clients when they are purchasing property at auction or have a tight deadline to meet and a conventional mortgage will simply not be ready in time.

Down-sizing is also a very common reason for clients needing to use bridging loans. Age is always a factor with mainstream mortgage lenders and so this is where bridging loans really fill the void. We have lenders who do have an age restriction and have lent to customers who are in their late nineties. This is because they look at the property and the equity within it when assessing applications, the client is secondary in this process. With the help of rolled up interest payments, so you do not need to make a monthly payment, affordability for any loan is also taken out of the equation. This is why a lot of our older customers, who wish to down-size their property but do not want to wait for their current property to sell, use this option.

There has been a lot of demand for bridging loans from clients looking to extend/renegotiate short lease properties. We are able to assist with the types of applications even when a short lease property is in probate for example. The usual, refurbishment pending sale, below-market value transactions, divorce settlement and debt repayments are also available and remain a mainstay of the bridging market.

first4commercial are able to access over 70+ lenders with over 220+ products available we aim to find not only the cheapest rates but the best overall package of bridging finance available in the market today. We have years of experience in this sector and remain at the forefront with our transparent Heads of Terms illustrations which provide you with all the information about the best available products before you decide if you want to go ahead. The enquiry stage is completed FREE of charge on your behalf so you have access to our expertise and knowledge without needing to pay any upfront fees.

Our fee structure is clear and concise and remains the same if you are borrowing £5,000 or £1m+. We charge an administration fee of £195.00 if you decide to proceed with our illustration and we charge a 1% broker fee (min £999) which is payable once an offer has been issued, but not normally collected until completion or cessation of the case.

We can obtain, first, second and even third charge bridging loans and with the help of our sister company Central Mortgages (Essex) Ltd we can assist customers with FCA regulated bridging loans as well. With rates from 0.65% and loans amounts available from £5k to amounts of over £5m+ we are your first and last port of call when comparing bridging loans or bridging finance.

Bridging loans can be taken from 1 month up to 36 months and typically up to a maximum of 80% of the value of your property (on a first charge basis). The higher loan to values are typically only for properties in prime London and South East postcode areas but we can advise you accordingly as required.

Compare the bridging market with us today and let us do all the hard work for you.

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Unsecured business loans up to £150,000

Unsecured business loans up to £150,000. Secured available up to £1 million.

We are able to offer unsecured business loans to UK limited companies, sole traders and partnerships up to £150,000. Secured loans of up to £1 million is also available.

The process is uncomplicated and quick. Your business needs to have been trading and can provide accounts for a minimum 3 years. Good credit is essential and more often than not, the rate of interest available are better than or equal to high street banks.

If you need money for working capital, expansion plans, refurbishment of your business premises or asset and machinery purchases. Contact us for full details and see how we can help you get the money you need, quickly, cheaply and get your plans into action faster than normal high street routes. continue to offer clients the best products in the current finance market and will always be there to provide the right advice to suit your needs. If there is a cheaper option available to achieve your aims we will find it.

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Bridging loans and commercial finance

Bridging loans and commercial mortgages from, specialist commercial and bridging finance brokers.

Here at we have been helping hundreds of customers access the cheapest and best bridging and commercial finance deals on the market. We have access to 50+ bridging lenders throughout the UK and over 30+ commercial mortgage lenders too. These range from main high street banks through to private banks and lending institutions.

We pride ourselves on our customer focused approach and always make sure that whatever advice we provide is clear, transparent and in the clients best interest. We will even (and have) recommend putting you in touch with another company if this means the finance on offer is cheaper for you!

Bridging loans and commercial finance/mortgages can be a minefield for the unwary. This is why, by using, you will be receiving expert advice. We will help you to navigate through, providing you with helpful advice from day one right until the day of completion and beyond. We always keep in regular contact with our clients to make sure they have everything they need.

We have a transparent application process and we will provide you with all the information you need to make sure you are making an informed decision. All enquiries receive a full Heads of Terms illustration which shows the parameters of any available bridging loan or commercial mortgage and provides you with a comprehensive breakdown of the costs involved.

We are also able to assist clients with Buy to let mortgages, personal loans up to £25k and business loans up to £250k. Our sister company Central Mortgages (Essex) Ltd is also able to assist clients with regulated residential mortgages and life insurance. We have pretty much all angles covered should you need any help or advice.

If we do not know the answer you are looking for then I am sure we will know someone that does! We are full members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) and members of the Association of Bridging Professionals (AOBP).

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Bridging loan rates from 0.69% per month

We now have bridging rates from 0.69% per month!!

Our rates just got lower! With access to market leading rates in the bridging loans sector, once again first4commercial are able to offer access to the best rates available in the bridging market today. We have access to over 50+ bridging lenders which means our clients always get the best deal available.

With rates from 0.69%  and no exit fees or redemption penalties we are able to keep the considerable costs, that are sometimes associated with bridging loans, down to a minimum. With the addition of our free and no-obligation quotations our customers benefit by getting the best rates, best advice and all completely FREE of charge.

Once you decide to go ahead with any illustration provided we charge a standard administration fee of £195 to proceed with the application. have the lowest broker fee structure in the industry and are always making sure we get the clients the cheapest form of finance available.

Find out how we can help you by contact the team today!

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Non-status bridging loans

Non-status bridging loans from

first4commercial have over 50+ lenders on our bridging panel and are able to offer a whole range of loan options to our clients. Our most common range of products are for those with a clean credit history and/or a low loan compared to the value of their property (LTV). Some clients do not fall into this category either due to adverse credit or lack of income proof and this is where first4commercial can help. We are able to offer clients very competitive rates of interest without the need for clean credit or proven income/track records. As long as the property has sufficient equity we should be able to secure a loan against it on a short term basis. Bridging loans can be used for a number of different scenarios, the most common is to allow the purchase of a new property whilst the client waits for their existing property to sell. This is not the only way in which bridging can be utilised and we have helped many clients over the years pay off HMRC tax bills, purchase properties abroad, complete urgent auction purchases and even settle a divorce whilst waiting for the property to sell.


first4commercial also have a unique advantage in that we have a sister company Central Mortgages (Essex) Ltd who are able to assist clients with any regulated bridging loans. These are loans that are secured by way of a first charge against a property you either live in or intend to live in. Due to our unique relationship clients received expert advice and guidance along with their renowned “Treating customers fairly” mantra.

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Compare bridging loans and bridging finance

Compare bridging loans and bridging finance

We have access to over 50+ bridging lenders in the UK bridging loan and bridging finance market. By using our unique relationships with these lenders and a unique piece of sourcing software we can trawl the lender market for you to save you both time and money. We will also make sure you are getting the right deal from the outset.

Our aim is that we provide you with a FREE no-obligation quotation that cannot be beaten anywhere else in the market. We are able to offer bridging loans for a number of reasons from chain breaks (purchasing a property whilst waiting for existing property to sell) as well as other reasons like repaying HMRC tax bills, raising short term finance for any legal reason.

We are able to offer first, second and third charge bridging loans on residential and commercial properties anywhere in the UK (Not NI).

Contact us to make sure you are getting the best deal in the market, TODAY.

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Cheap bridging finance –

Cheap bridging finance? Is it a myth?

Is there such a thing as cheap bridging finance? Bridging finance has a reputation for being a very expensive form of finance and as such a lot of people are put off using it. Here at we try to give all customers and introducers the “full picture” when you look at the costs associated with bridging finance. Sometimes the headline rate is not always the main concern.

There are certain lenders who will offer great headline rates of 0.75% per month but these sort of rates are normally only available for low Loan To Value (LTV) transactions or for customers with good credit histories. Behind these headline rates can lurk some very expensive exit penalties, completion fees and legal fees to name a few. We will take a look at industry standard fees and what you could expect to pay*

Completion fees: These tend to be priced the same across the board, normally 2%. Some lenders will charge a minimum fee to cover smaller loan amounts of say £50k you could expect a fee of circa £1500.

Legal fees: These vary widely across the industry and can be as little as £500 up to several thousand depending on the loan amount and the different lenders

Valuation fees: These also vary greatly from lender to lender and are obviously in accordance with property values. Some brokers will try to add “hidden fees” to valuation fees to make more of a mark up on the prices.

Broker fees: Fees charged by brokers really do have large variations across the industry and I have heard of some brokers charging fees of several thousand pounds upfront before anything has been achieved. Here at first4commercial we charge a simple flat fee of 1% of the loan amount or £999 for loans below £100k. This way we know that everyone is treated the same across the board. Our fee is also negotiable for loans over £500k.

Exit penalties: Some lenders do not charge any exit fees. Typically one months interest is quite normal, however some lenders will insist on higher percentages or have a minimum interest charge of say three months. will try and find you the best product to suit your needs and will always try to deliver the cheapest rates and fees available on the market. We feel that sometimes if you need to guarantee completion in a set timescale then the difference of 0.25% per month to achieve this would be worth the sacrifice rather than incur large penalties from auction houses etc for over-running.

Cheap isn’t always best and a holistic approach to bridging finance is required to make sure you get what you need, which ultimately is your main goal. We believe that sometimes using a lender or product to save a few pounds can be a false economy as in the long run could costs you hundreds if not handled correctly.

*These fees are to be used for illustrative purposes only and each case is priced individually according to circumstances.

To find out more contact the team on 01277 620083 or use the contact form on the website.

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