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Do Your Research b Of course this sounds straightforward but it is vital that you research all aspects of a potential purchase thoroughly. Work out your financial situation down to the penny, what can you afford for a deposit? And what would you want as a return on your investment? Look at all the risks […]
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Go in with a Firm Budget b Working with an auction finance lender will allow you to build an accurate picture of exactly how much you have to work with prior to entering an auction. This means that you can bid for properties without overstretching your budget, as you know exactly what you can spend. […]
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A FRESH LOOK AT BRIDGING FINANCE B Ensure your customers get the right advice and at the right price, avoid the pitfalls of the bridging market by using an experienced commercial mortgage broker.B   The most common misconception is that bridging loans are only to be used as means of providing finance to secure a […]
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