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Bridging Loan Case Studies When youbre looking for finance, itbs useful to know that webve helped all sorts of people with all sorts of finance dilemmas. So read two of our bridging finance case studies to find out how a bridging loan could be the ideal solution for you. Bridging Loan for HMO Conversion Tim […]
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The Benefits of Bridging in the UK Housing Market A growing population, a squeeze on mortgages and a lack of housing are forcing ever more people to reconsider their housing options. As a result, investors, borrowers and landlords are competing over ever fewer properties. House prices are still rising, and Buy to Let lending has […]
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Bridging loans – Let first4commercial compare the market for you! Over 70+ lenders. Bridging loans or bridging finance can be used in a variety of ways aside from the usual chain-break scenarios. Bridging loans have fast become one of the quickest and most reliable forms of finance for those who require speed or flexibility. Speed […]
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