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Common Bridging Finance Questions Applying for a mortgage is a slow moving process, subject to certain rules on property condition and forcing applicants through a lot of hoops. Opting for bridging finance on the other hand, can help you secure properties quickly, buy at auction, or invest in refurbishment or renovation work. However, most people […]
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Bank of England data shows that high street lending to business fell in recent months, but the good news is that personal loan rates are now much lower than in recent years. As a result, loan demand is rising fast driving something of a bloan price war.b For any amount up to B#25,000, a small […]
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Personal loans up to B#25,000 are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer clients a direct application for personal loans up to B#25,000. We have a great relationship with a peer to peer lender who are able to provide very competitive rates and very low overall fees to all our clients. […]
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